Quality inspector electrical equipment or eletronic components Essay

Quality inspector electrical equipment or eletronic components Essay

Electrical Engineering: Past and Future

– Introduction The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines an electrical engineer as someone that “designs, develops, tests, and supervises the manufacturing of electrical equipment such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, or power generation equipment.” Electrical engineers work with but are not limited to electricity, electronics and electromagnetism (What Do Electrical Engineers Do?). These engineers can work in labs, offices or on the floor of some major industries….  

Electrical Motors in Today’s Society

– Electrical motors play an important role in today’s society, from powering domestic appliances like blenders to industrial equipment such as trains. It almost seems impossible to not use an electric motor in our daily lives. In the comfort of our home, electric motors will operate fans, refrigerators, and air conditioners to just name a few. Researchers are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate electrical motors in our lives. Electrical motors function by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy by using the energy stored in the magnetic field (Sarma, 1981)…. ;

Electronic Components: Integrated Circuits

– … The levels are: I. SSI – Small Scale Integration II. MSI – Medium Scale Integration III. LSI – Large Scale Integration IV. VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration Small Scale Integration uses less than ten transistors. These were vital to early aerospace project. Medium Scale Integration: Number of transistors ranges fro ten to hundred in a single package. They usually perform specific elementary digital operations such as decoders, adders, multiplexers or counters. Large Scale Integration devices contain hundred to few thousand gates in a single package…. ;

Manufacturers of Critical Computer Components, AMD, a Massive Player in the Tech Industry

– … AMD has also been a strong advocate of the elimination of “conflict minerals”. Similar to conflict diamonds, these are manufacturing materials obtained in African countries undergoing Civil War or other internal conflicts. Overall, AMD’s desire to be globally responsible is high, but they could try a little harder in the area of local community outreach (AMD, 2014). Management We will now examine the profiles of a few top level managers, CEO Rory Read and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Rajan Naik in particular…. ;

Electrical Project Laboratory Report

– Cover Memo The outcome of my electrical project was a terrific outcome. I managed to work out my schedule to efficiently and effectively complete the circuit. My first mission was to come up with a legitimate set of calculation which would allow me to meet my criteria for the project. After successfully coming up with calculations, this subsequently led to me beginning to build my circuit. Building the circuit became a challenge because I had to remember to align my voltage drops with the correct resistors…. ;