Publisher Essay

Publisher Essay

My Start as a Publisher: A Short Story

– “You can do this.” I whisper to myself as I leave my car. A job at a publishing office cannot be too hard. All I have to is read manuscripts and decide whether to have them published or not. The only requirement was that you had to have had majored in English or an English derivative in university, which is luckily what I had done. It is not the best job, but it is better than not having a job. My career as a writer is at a standstill, so at least I am making money while trying to find inspiration for a book….  

10 Most Remarkable Posthumously Published Books

– … He reportedly smoked two packs of cigarettes and drank 20 cups of coffee a day, lived on fast food and hated green vegetables. Held in high regard as a journalist in his native Sweden for his contributions in revealing right-wing extremists, Larsson wrote the Millennium Series for distraction, and made scant efforts at publishing them. The books, crime novels with a persisting theme of sexual violence, featuring Journalist Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander, a young troubled computer hacker with a photographic memory and nonexistent social skills, became some of the bestselling of the decade, racking up 35 million copies worldwide (four times the population of Sweden) by 2010….  

Book Publishers and eBooks

– … An example of B&N would be analysing Amazons electronic reader and electronic book whilst being able to copy the method but at the same time persuade the customers to stay loyal with these businesses. B&N have also been using inbound logistics method which is to invest into the share market in stocks which allow them to control the inventory of books and to warehouse many of the products or materials needed to create physical books. Many companies are allows adapting and developing technology, now many book publishers are moving from a normal physical books made from paper and are now being influenced to use the new electronic book….  

Summary and Review of Jodi Picoult’s Book, The Pact

– … She knew for two months. I should have known. Tampons never made it to the shopping list. I never even knew they were sleeping together” (Picoult pg 56). This shows the unconvincing behavior on Melanie’s behalf because she should have not been in denial about her daughter engaging in intercourse with her boyfriend, Chris. Everyone said to the Emily’s parents that they were meant for each other. As a parent you have to prepare your child before hand about the responsibilities of following through with having intercourse and the education that follows it…. ;

J.K Rowling Saved Reading

– J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, saved reading. She took 5 years to do it. It took her 5 years to write and get the first Harry Potter book published. She went to over 10 publishers before someone finally published it. “The original edition appeared on June 30, 1997, in a run of 500 copies, most of which went to public libraries.”(Lebrecht), that’s how many people were expected to read her book. But after the word got out of Harry Potter everyone started reading it. Harry Potter greatly impacted society greatly by making everyone; even adults want to read again…. ;