Publications coordinator Essay

Publications coordinator Essay

A Career as an Airport Security Coordinator

– In today’s volatile aviation environment the best way for a commercial airport to be secure is to have the responsibility shared between the airport operator, air carriers, tenants and the transportation security administration (TSA). After “9/11” the security scenario in airports has been drastically changed and detailed comprehensive strategy is required to deal with increasing terrorism and hijacking threats. Because of all the terrorist attacks and threat, the protection of our airport’s security has needed to become more of a team effort, whereas both organizations and individuals come together and work as a team….  

The European Union’s Immense Publications on the Specificity of Sport

– … Seikmann argues that in complying with the Treaty, special consideration on the autonomy of sport and the principle of subsidiarity is necessary. Additionally, the report advocates the use of a new approach involving the assimilation of the transforming legal and economic environment while preserving the customary values of sport. In terms of the financial output it generates, the sporting industry must adhere to the laws of the European Union. However there are traits of sport that must be taken into account with special regards to the principle of equal opportunities, uncertainty of results, relationship between sports and the economy…. ;

Outreach Coordinator for Christ UMC

– … After retirement, she most likely will continue to support individuals or organizations in the community and participate in service projects. Because of her impending retirement, she does not see herself furthering education either. Christ UMC does offer opportunities for their staff to have professional development and life-long learning workshops. At such programs, people have the unique chance to learn from others who are in the same or similar profession. Jeanna-Mar obtained her bachelors and masters in social work while in college…. ;

Selective Publication

– Publication bias is, “the tendency on the part of investigators, reviewers, and editors to submit or accept manuscripts for publication based on the direction or strength of the study findings” (Dickersin, 1990). It is also called the “file-drawer effect” because it is taught unpublished results being tucked in file cabinets by researchers could cause invalid meta-analysis of that research (Scargle, 1999). Many studies confirm publication bias is a serious issue such as the study by Oregon Health and Science university researchers which examined the trail approval process for 12 separate antidepressants submitted to the FDA (Turner, 2008)…. ;

A General Model of Publication

– A General Model of Publication Although the medium and the material may differ vastly, essentially the same common process is always involved in publication (Fig. 1). For on-line publications this model makes it possible to automate many of the steps involved (see module on Automated document processing). Figure 1. A model for the publication process. The same general pattern of steps occurs whatever the publication and whatever the type of material involved. This model encompasses all the stages described earlier, but in a somewhat more formalized form…. ;