Public transport manager Essay

Public transport manager Essay

Difference between the Private, Public, and Nonprofit Sectors

– … Sourced from: c. Using the charts you have created, explain the operation of the: i. Chain of command This organisational chart shows a simplified version of the mechanistic structure that toll transport and logistics practice. This organisational chart depicts some key operations used in a mechanistic organisation such as the hierarchy in place that Toll’s employees must follow. Robbins et al. (2003, pp.277-78) states that this chain of command can be identified in the chart by its continual line of authority that extends vertically from the business owner through to the various teams of different de…  

Function of a Public Relations Manager

– The post of Public Relationship Manager or Public Relations (PR) deals with the activities an entity carries on to enhance its image in the public (Wisegeek, 2011). It encompasses all the communication practices that aim at exposing the company to the public in a good light to captivate the interests of existing and potential customers, investors, lenders, employees, and to promote a good relationship with governmental regulatory bodies. Job description A PR manager undertakes a supervisory role over the public relations staff as they implement programs aimed at publicizing the firm….  

The Role of Politics in Public Transportation

– Politics plays an important role in any aspect of planning, but none such more than transport planning and the investments and policies that go in to constructing the aspects associated. As with any discipline, politics plays both positive and negative roles in public transport planning, policies and investment; as it shapes decision-making and the degrees of financial support that is given to each project. Because politics brings both positive and negative effects to public transport planning it can both promote and obstruct development….  

What mode of public transportation is superior: buses or taxis?

– 1. Introduction The spatial structure of the city has a huge impact on how transport networks function. In the case of South Africa with the effects of apartheid planning still looming in the background the ordinary citizen is the one that is affected by this in the end. Public transportation in South Africa has faced a lot problems in the past, some areas in the country are better off than others. The current government is still perpetuating elements of apartheid style planning in the new South Africa….  

New Public Management

– New Public Management and Issues with it. Even though above section highlights the core fundamental of the new public management, and how it intends to change the landscape of the public administration when applied in a structured and planned way. Though there are several success stories around new public management inspired reforms of organizations associated with public administration, but what one notices first when looking at the public management and public administration framework is the difference, not the similarities between the two (Barzelay, 2001)….