Public relations department manager Essay

Public relations department manager Essay

Function of a Public Relations Manager

– The post of Public Relationship Manager or Public Relations (PR) deals with the activities an entity carries on to enhance its image in the public (Wisegeek, 2011). It encompasses all the communication practices that aim at exposing the company to the public in a good light to captivate the interests of existing and potential customers, investors, lenders, employees, and to promote a good relationship with governmental regulatory bodies. Job description A PR manager undertakes a supervisory role over the public relations staff as they implement programs aimed at publicizing the firm….  

Public Relations and Democratic Communication

– Consider the arguments for and against the view that Public Relations enhance democratic communication. While democratic communication influenced by many different factors, especially in capitalist society, the elites represents as dominant groups that have more opportunities to express their voice. Among to the rest, Public Relations play an important role in the communication between public and different organizations. The core of this essay is based on the debate of whether Public Relations enhance democratic communication….  

The Raleigh Sanitation Department: A Case Study

– The lack of effective leadership and management were the main contributing factors to the work stoppage of the sanitation employees. The Raleigh Sanitation Department management failed to address legitimate concerns from employees regarding works hours and compensation leading to the work stoppages. A chain of command appeared nonexistent in this department. There were no apparent implemented policies to prohibit work stoppages or strikes, no justifiable employee quality assurance processes to measure employee satisfaction, and no internal labor relations manager to settle employee complaints/grievances….  

Public Relations: The Two-way Flow of Information

– … This model assumes that negative information is not likely to be published voluntary. Grunig states that this model also tends to manipulate the public, even though it is not intended to do so, in contrast to the first model where this can be seen as the main aim. The third, more sophisticated model is called the ‘’two-way asymmetrical model’’. These models, in opposition to the previous ones, involves research, but just up to the extent to which the company can decide which messages are most likely to change the behavior of the public instead of the behavior of the company….  

Public Relations In Action

– PR in Action Public Relations is composed of many marketing tactics that enable companies to enhance credibility and image. It can also assist in developing goodwill and influences public opinion. Forms of PR tactics are speeches, special events, news releases, and annual events. PR is targeted to a specific audience. It’s a very affective way of saying who you are, what you do, and how you can make a difference. Effective PR comes in many forms. Most of us are more familiar with flyers, brochures, and websites…. ;