Psychomotor therapist Essay

Psychomotor therapist Essay

A Career as a Physical Therapist

– Physical therapy is a hard job to do and it can be fun at times. Many students also want a doctor of physical therapy degree, and new graduates taking the national examination in the field after 2017 will be required a degree. Most doctoral programs take three years, compared with two or two and a half for a master’s. Many licenses also require doing education in order to stay certified. The three most important aspects of being a physical therapist are to be a good person, helping people, and changing people’s lives….  

I Want to Be a Physical Therapist

– … Furthermore, when you are reviewing patients you will look at their past medical history so that you know if any past injury has an effect on the current one. You then will use the information you found to diagnose the patient and set a plan of care for them. Patients will then start their exercises which you will help guide them through and make sure they do all of the exercises right and finish all of them. Physical therapist will then evaluate the progress made by the patient and determine if the plan for the patient needs to be changed to something that will be more effective….  

A Career as a Respiratory Therapist

– … Patients who also have heart problems also may need to see a respiratory therapist to make sure they have good pulmonary health. This is important because the heart and lungs work together. This is why RTs are allowed to perform Electrocardiograms (EKGs). The EKG shows the electrical activity within the heart. Another job of respiratory therapists is to educate their patients on how to use certain medical equipment used for respiratory purposes. For example, the respiratory therapist may need to teach a child with asthma how to use an inhaler and educate when the inhaler may be needed….  

The Work of a Family and Marriage Therapist

– Family and Marriage therapists identify a wide variety of mental and behavioral issues within a family, individuals, and marriages. (, 2011) These therapists enable society to tackle their problems and move forward in a positive direction. Family and Marriage therapists are responsible for gathering information by testing and observing their patients. (, 2011) After receiving this information they are required to document and record information gathered from the patient sessions….  

Description of a Physical Therapist Job

– A physical therapist’s role in the recovering of people from injuries is to help rebuild strength and movement in the parts of their bodies that are hurt. Many people who suffer from accidents or become disabled through an illness seek a physical therapist. You might go see a physical therapist if you are an injured athlete looking for rehabilitation, if you are an elderly person to make daily life tasks easier, after surgery to help your recovery, or even from an impairing disease over the long-term….