Psychologist Essay

Psychologist Essay

Scientrific Explanations from Psychologist

– In Hempel’s essay (1962) he defined the different types of scientific explanations. First he explains the rules of deductive-nomological explanation which are based on particular facts or general laws. This type of explanation explains the occurrence of an ‘explanandum event’ by showing that the event resulted from the particular circumstances in accordance with the laws. Probabilistic explanation also accounts for a given phenomenon by reference to general laws or theoretical principles, but these are of probabilistic-statistical form….  

A Career as a Psychologist

– Psychologists are very important people; they help millions of people with their everyday struggles and problems that they have to deal with. Not only do psychologists help people with problems that they cannot handle on their own, they also are scientists who study human minds and behaviors. With being a psychologist, there are many different careers to choose from within this profession (Explore Health Careers). The first type of psychologists to choose from is a clinical psychologist….  

The Life and Work of Mary Crawford: A Feminist Psychologist

– Mary Crawford is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential feminist psychologists in history, a first responder, in the uphill battle against “womanless” and anti-feminist psychological practices. She has achieved high accomplishments, as well as endured many hardships, and has fought to secure equality for women and to improve the lives of women all across the globe. Crawford is an accomplished author, her work spanning a diverse range of subjects; in articles, research, and several books….  

Becoming a Psychologist

– As a child, I have always spent time with stuffed animals. While most children treated them as their best friends or even ‘students’, I treated mine in a different way. I would sit them down on the sofa and used them as my ‘patients’. Crazy, isn’t it. Even growing up, I was always the counselor to my other cousins. Whenever they argued with a friend or family member, they would turn to me to let all their thoughts out. Considering I was a very open minded child, they all confided in me. Eventually, the odds were not working in my favor and I was the one that needed help….  

The New Psychology and The New Psychologist

– In this lecture we will be discussing the new psychology and the new psychologist. You will learn the meanings of personalistic and naturalistic theories and their relation to zeitgeist. During this topic you may find that personally you fall in to one of these categories of belief. As humans ones finds themselves acting in certain ways or adopting different theories over another and do not understand why. These theories will help to bring into perspective decision making and thinking processes….