Psychic Essay

Psychic Essay

Psychic Attacks

– Psychic attacks can have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives, a psychic attack can undermined our relationships by ripping and tearing apart the very foundation in which we have built our lives upon. I was contacted in March of this year by a young man whose life was gravely impacted and torn apart by a vicious psychic attack. This young man’s ordeal started when he approached a psychic that set up shop at a local fair in his hometown, he had never had a psychic reading before and in fact he had often scoffed at the idea of a psychic reading, he probably would’ve been better off had he never approached this gypsy for a reading….  

The Psychic Tradition

– The Psychic Tradition Methodology The first thing that I did to conduct my research was to brainstorm the various places where I could find both fact and opinion concerning the role that the psychic realm plays within society. The most obvious choice was to visit a practicing psychic. I know of a psychic that works in my hometown of Nashville, Indiana. I tried on several occasions to contact her by phone and request permission for an interview, however, failed to do so. (First bit of knowledge acquired: psychics do not always follow office hours)….  

Psychic Phenomenon Research

– ESP is an acronym meaning “extra-sensory perception.” In 1892, a French dude named Dr. Paul Joire used the term to describe the way a person under hypnosis was able to receive information about something – apparently without using any of their known senses. ESP can also refer to the phenomenon of people communicating without any apparent vehicle. But what IS it. There have been a great number of attempts (made by an even greater number of stupid people) to articulate what exactly is happening when people report ESP events….  

Psychic Abilities: Fact or Fiction?

– Whether or not psychic abilities are in fact real or not, they are with no doubt, fascinating. Being able to predict what is going to happen or being able to know what someone is thinking would be absolutely incredible. Powers like these have been talked about for hundreds of years. Proving whether or not abilities like these are real can be so difficult because there are so many different types of abilities. No single experiment has yet been able to prove psychic abilities to be factual, so there is no real answer to whether or not psychic abilities are real or just a sham….  

Do psychic phenomena exist?

– Do Psychic Phenomena exist. Has the idea of psychic abilities or phenomena ever crossed your mind. Well there is a large amount of people who disbelieve in psychic abilities and find it hard to even consider it being real at all. Regardless of the skeptics and their beliefs, there has been research and studies done for the past 145 years on the subject and the evidence to all of it is quite intriguing. Researchers believe there are 57 senses we do not consciously use that are related to psychic abilities and mental capabilities (57)….