Psychiatric care services manager Essay

Psychiatric care services manager Essay

Basic Values in Health and Social Care

– Basic Values in Health and Social Care Client’s rights in interpersonal situations It is essential that health care workers should be clear about the values, which underpin health and social care work. These values are the basic beliefs about clients’, rights, which shape attitudes and influence our methods of care. Such values are reflected nationally in The Patients’ Charter. This is a standard against which the care received by all users of the National Health Service can be measured….  

The Role of Communication Services in Health Care

– There are extremely large gaps in our entire aspect of understanding the role of communication services in health care delivery. The care of patients is interesting topic that needs to be addressed, it involves different individuals at all aspects of life, all needing to share patient care information and discuss the management perspective. The special services are increasing with interest in, the use of, information and communication technologies to support health services. Yet, while there is significant discussion of, and investment in, information technologies, communication systems receive much less attention and the clinical adoption of even simpler services like email, voice-calls, a…  

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

– Psychiatric and mental health nursing is a unique specialty of nursing that strives to promote the mental health of clients. Psychiatric mental health nurses work in partnership with their clients to manage their mental illness. In Canada psychiatric mental health nursing is guided by seven standards of practice, which provide guidance for nursing practice to ensure that safe, competent, and ethical services are delivered to the clients (Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses [CFMHN], 2006)….  

Billing & Coding for Health Care Services

– In order for any health care system to be stable in their revenue cycle, it has to post charges for procedures and care provided. If these charges are not posted correctly, the payments may be affected, resulting in less income than what the system is actually owed. Clearly, without any service being provided, there is no revenue to begin with, but if the charges are not captured, a service can be provided and not billed for (Cleverley & Cameron 2007). This means the health care system provided free care or services to a patient….  

The Difference in Outpatient and Inpatient Care Services

– … Examples of secondary care are cardiologist, which deals with the focuses on the heart and its pumping system and endocrinologists, which focuses on the hormone systems. The tertiary care refers to an even higher level of care in the health system, which requires specialized equipment and expertise as well as consultative care and complex treatments or procedures. This usually on referral from primary and secondary medical care. This level may require combination of both expertise and specialized equipment such as performing a coronary bypass surgery from a trained heart surgeon using advanced medical technology in perform such procedure….