Provincial governor Essay

Provincial governor Essay

Provincial Achievement Testing: The Misunderstood Test

– One of the most controversial topics in education today is the use of Provincial Achievement Testing, also know as PAT. PATs’ are used to assess and assist in improving programs, maintain standards and improve student achievement. These tests are standard tests that are at the same academic level for all students and focus on the same curriculum topics. All students write these tests at roughly the same time during the school in the same grade. In most provinces, students write PATs’ in grades three and six in elementary school….  

The State Governor

– The Governor is just like a minipresident in each state. In other words they are state managers. The Governor commands the lion’s share of political attention in a state. It’s generally seen as setting the agenda for the legislative branch, and is basically the lead political actor; the figure most likely to appear on television on a regular basis. A governor term of office is four years with exceptions of New Hampshire and Vermont. The governor may serve any number of terms, but he or she cannot serve more than two terms in a row….  

On The Issues: The Race for Virgina Governor

– This year’s 2013 Governor of Virginia campaign was a tight race for the Republican and Democrat contenders. The candidates were Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. These campaigners had different views on marriage, immigration, and abortion, among other issues commonly discussed in politics within our country. Marriage is a controversial subject in every part of the world. Whether you believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman, same sex marriage, or open marriages, everyone usually has a strong opinion on what they were brought up believing or think is right….  

Ronald Reagan Elected Governor

– On November 8, 1966 California voters elected Republican candidate Ronald Reagan as the states 33rd Governor. Reagan defeated then two-term Governor, Democrat Edmund G. “Pat” Brown. This would be the first elected political office Ronald Reagan would hold in his long public career. Reagan would serve two terms as the Governor of California before going on to achieve greater heights serving as a two term President. Reagan’s political career began to unfold when he decided to work on the 1964 Goldwater campaign for President….  

Corruption: Governor Blagojevich Scandal

– There is no arguing or denying the fact that the election of Barack Obama in 2008 changed the face of American politics. However, this is not a political science paper and, unlike the Bush/Gore race of 2000, the Obama/McCain election night passed by with relatively little scandal. So why is it worth mentioning in a paper about corruption. Although no actual fault can be attached to the newly-elected President of the United States, Obama’s election set the stage for one of the most public political corruption cases since the Nixon/Watergate Scandal in the 1970s….