Property assistant Essay

Property assistant Essay

Intellectual Property in The US

– Intellectual Property Intellectual property is an incredibly complicated facet of the law. In the United States, we have many laws in place to control and limit profiting from others intellectual property. The issue is not only profiting from others intellectual property, but not purchasing the property from the originator as well. We will discuss why it is important to protect this property as well as why it is tremendously difficult to regulate all these safe guards. “Intellectual Property has the shelf life of a banana.” Bill Gates Why Protect Intellectual Property “Protecting your intellectual property is crucial to your business.” (Hinson, 2014) When business have intellectual prope…  

Illegal Downloading of Music and Intellectual Property

– Before iPhones, tablets and laptops people had to buy hard copies as in CDs, records and even vinyl’s. According to Cornell University the average cost for a hard copy cd is $13.99 if bought a week after release date on average if bought on the release date it is $9.99. Before the internet the arrangement for the music industry was that there were only 6 main labels for 60 years were the heads for all the distribution and promoting of recorded music. There were five main roles that needed to be filled to make a profit as a live music process….  

A Career as a Registered Nurse or Physician Assistant

– Nursing RN and physician assistant are the two majors being researched for this paper because they are the two programs that I found most intriguing. I have an interest in these two majors because I wanted to help people in need and make society a stronger and healthier environment for everyone. I want to work with kids and help them not be afraid of doctors or receiving annual check-ups and be able to open up and let me help. The schools I have chosen are City College of San Francisco, Cleveland University, and University of Washington Seattle….  

A Gift as the Tansfer of Legal Property

– A gift is the transfer of legal property such as land, a house or money. Since there is no consideration for the gift, a gift is not regarded a contract and as such a gift will fail if the person giving the gift does not take the necessary steps to divest himself from the gift. Where a gift fails it reverts back to the person intending to make the gift or to the estate of that person where the gift is testamentary. A completely constituted trust implies that the trust property is conferred to the trustees and the trust is binding on the donor who cannot revoke the trust….  

Property Rights and the Economic System

– … Recently, in the works of economists increasingly common economic theory of property rights. The gist of it is that the property is not resources, and “beam rights ” on the use of the resource. This “beam ” includes rights : ownership – exclusive physical control of goods ; use – the use of beneficial properties for the benefit of themselves ; management – making decisions on the use of goods; income – the right to have the results from the use of goods; consumption , change, transfer or destruction of goods and etc….