Prison officer Essay

Prison officer Essay

Becoming a Prison Officer

– It’s a tough job with unsociable hours, rare contact with the outside world and a less than impressive pay package. So why would anyone want to be a prison officer. I am asked to place my coat and bag in a small cloakroom area, and am ushered to a small room where my pockets are searched and body is frisked. I find this ‘procedure’ quite uncomfortable, but think myself lucky that these rigorous checks aren’t performed everyday. I am given a white sticker with ‘visitor’ on it and am promptly told to ‘wear it at all times’ so I can be easily identified….  

Correctional Officer Stress: Cause, Implications, and Interventions

– Correctional institutions are unique work settings because of the unpredictable nature of their physical environment and clientele. Correctional officers are responsible for supervising individuals whom are held against their will. The correctional officer’s main focus is that of security within the institution and for the community. However, they are typically faced with a limited amount of resources and thus must assume these responsibilities without adequate support. The relationship between work resources and job stress indicates that correctional work settings that emphasize involvement, coworker cohesion and managerial support can decrease stress levels (Waters, 1999)….  

Andersonville Prison

– Andersonville, officially named Camp Sumter, was the most infamous Confederate prison during the Civil War (Davis 350; Reeder 140). The camp first opened in February 1864 close to the village of Andersonville in Sumter County, Georgia. Due to a food shortage at the compound in Richmond, Virginia, caused by an overflow of war prisoners, the Confederate officials decided to build a new prison in southwest Georgia (Turner 161, 162). The first prisoners arrived to an open expansion of sixteen acres, later increased to twenty-six acres, surrounded by a fifteen-foot tall fence (Davis 351)….  

Drugs in the Prison System

– Drugs in the Prison System This research paper will consist of an analysis of the use and abuse of illicit drugs within the prison systems on a global basis. With information gathered from various sources such as the internet and one on one interviews with an inmate in a male correctional facility and a former inmate of a female correctional facility I intend to show the rampant flow of drugs in and out of the prison system, the control of (or lack there of) by prison officials, the drug gangs and dealers in correctional facilities, the rate of addiction, and treatments available to inmates suffering from addiction….  

Very Brief History of Alacatraz, the Prison

– … However, other tribes may have avoided the island completely because they though it to contain evil spirits. Military Fort Beginning La Isla de los Alcatraces’ name changed to Alcatraz under American speaking influence. In 1850 the 13th American President Millard Fillmore ordered that the island be reserved as a possible place for U.S. Military use. The California Gold Rush caused San Francisco’s population to grow drastically, meaning that more protection was needed for the San Francisco Bay (Alcatraz Origins 1)….