Prison manager Essay

Prison manager Essay

The Cost of Aging Prison Inmates

– … The goal and purpose of the study was to find a possible solution to help the prison health care system. Many results where found because of this study. First was being able to define the older inmate: prisoners over 55 would be considered old and inmates with a cognitive disability would also be considered old. Screening for dementia was another solution in Dr. Williams test. He said that research in dementia should be considered for inmates who have had brain problems. End-of-life care is a program that helps elderly people that have an illness that is terminal live there last days well….  

Best-Known Examples of the Perils of Obedience

– … Summers, her manager, led her to the restaurants office and began the process, doing what the caller told her to step by step. Of course she claims that she asked him questions about why she had to do this, but he sounded like a legitimate police officer to her. After a few hours she told “Officer Scott” that she had to get back to the counter, and at his request she called her fiance. He forced her to perform sexual deeds at the callers command, and threatened to hit her if she refused. He was not the only one….  

Prisoner Re-Entry Programs in America

– … The first problem that prisoner re-entry programs face is the lack of monetary support. The government is focused on the punitive aspect rather than rehabilitation, therefore the majority of their money goes towards security. The 2014 Budget requests a total of $8.5 billion for federal prisons and detention centers, with a miniscule percentage going towards re-entry programs. Program increases totaling $236.2 million provide for the activations of newly constructed prisons and for new contract beds, allowing the Bureau of Prisons to keep pace with the increased number of inmates….  

Aspirations to Achieve my Educational Goals

– After nineteen years of living in a small town named Wasco, known by most for the prison, I moved to Long Beach. I grew up in a strict religion that discouraged questioning and required extreme dedication towards servitude of God. Attending college was discouraged by my parents and the church, as it took away from time spent towards serving God. Living in Wasco was my own prison. Moving to Long Beach meant freedom to me where I was finally able to stretch my constrained, clipped wings. Suddenly, the simplest of questions, for some, such as “What do I want to be?” and “Who am I?” plagued my mind….  

The Challenges of Managing Sex Offenders

– They are many challenges faced when managing sex offenders in the community. Policy makers have to worry about the offender’s risk and needs as well as the public safety and public perception. However, by measuring the individual risk factors and matching it with supervision that is best suitable for them and treatment strategies can help reduce an offender risk from reoffending. In Nathan’s situation, he is a 39-year-old Caucasian male, is under intensive supervision since he is a pedophile. He was involved with two previous relationships in which one of the women was his wife….