Prison instructor Essay

Prison instructor Essay

The Development and Provison of Prison Library for Juvenile

– CHAPTER 1 Introduction Prisons are institutions that place physical confined for individuals who has been charged with or likely to be charged with a criminal offense may be held on remand in prison if they denied, refused or unable to meet conditions of bail, or is unable to post bail. If found guilty, a defendant will be convicted and may receive a custodial sentence requiring imprisonment. But the most severe punishment of individuals is death penalty. Inmates who have served in prison for long periods of time will be expected to be able to change their attitude to be the better person….  

Troubles with Reentering the Community After Doing Time in Prison

– In the time of serving their sentence, prisoners are allowed to take part in several treatment programs. The prison facility offers educational training, vocational training, psychotherapy, and counseling for any inmate that seeks the knowledge and help. When the State Psychiatric Hospitals around the nation closed, thousands of people with mental health disabilities will be sent to prison to stay off the streets and to receive help. The programs in prison offer medicine and counseling to inmates with a mental illness….  

Malcolm X: From Illiterate to Erudite

– … Every time he would write sentences they would become messy and then become unreadable. He decided to practice and every time he did Malcolm noticed that his handwriting had become more legible. Everything about his writing had become clearer; even his punctuation was right in every last sentence he wrote. Once Malcolm’s writing became clearer he started to read to himself. Then once he got comfortable he started to read aloud. Students today have the same problem with writing and reading aloud….  

Struggles of the Victims in The Ignorant School Master by Jacques Ranciere and The Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci

– … The ruling class impose their cultural norms in society making them the dominant and accepted way of life (Harman, 1). Therefore, the masses are unable to revolt against the established culture and fight against the oppressive rule of the ruling class. This results in a culture hegemony. Gramsci proposes the resistance of this culture by the working class as the first step towards their emancipation. He suggests that the lower classes ought to develop a new cultural homogeny contradicting that of the bourgeoisie therefore providing a platform on which to resist the ruling class….  

The Benefits of Prison Animal Training Programs

– A litter of puppies gets dropped off down a dirt road, they soon will go to an animal shelter, and eventually, prison. More than 15 million animals face possible death in shelters and are being rescued by a surprising group of people: prisoners (Rhoades). Animals in shelters die every day because of limited amount of space, injuries, and behavior problems that cause them not to be adopted. They shouldn’t have to suffer from lack of attention since they have done nothing wrong. Instead, the animals could be sent to prisons for training by inmates, which would increase the animal’s chances of being adopted….