Prepared meat operator Essay

Prepared meat operator Essay

From Farm Fresh to Petri Prepared

– … In vitro meat is the meat of the future. Accessibility and Affordability In the near future, frankenfurters and petri pork will be easily accessible to consumers at a competitive to, and eventually lower than, meat from livestock. By 2050, the increase in the demand for meat will skyrocket. If we have no substitute, then meat prices will also skyrocket, as it will be nearly impossible to raise the livestock to supply that demand. Cultured meat will be that substitute; scientists say that with the right starting material and conditions, just ten pork muscle cells could produce 50,000 tons of meat in two months….  

Meat the Truth: The Humane Problem

– … Cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics used to increase the growth within the cows so they can go to slaughter much quicker. Hens are kept in battery cages and the hens cannot move around and are withheld from light and water and food to move production of eggs. Temple Grandin, animal-behavior scientist, makes designs for slaughterhouses to minimize the stress of the livestock animals. Grandin states, “It’s not just a question of building a stress-free path for animals going to slaughter; there needs to be constant and vigorous oversight of employees to prevent cruel treatment from happening” (2)….  

The Benefits of Eating Horse Meat

– They Eat Horses, Don’t They. Many Americans have a hard time thinking about eating horse meat. Every year, many horses are slaughtered for meat which is exported to other countries. “The U.S. Humane Society Web site says 55,776 horses were slaughtered last year in the United States and thousands more transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter there (Lum). By getting rid of unwanted horses, the horse market will begin to steadily climb. Slaughtering horses allows breeders a way to benefit from old horses and benefits the economy…. ;

Functions of Meat Glue

– … Also, you have to know you are using the right type of transglutaminase. There are seven different types that the most popular brand carries, Activa is the brand name. Activa RM, Activa GB, Activa GS, Activa TI and TIU, Activa YG, and Activa FP. Activa RM is the most commonly used type of TG powder. It is a mixture of transglutaminase, maltodextrin, and sodium caseinate. The caseinate fills in the gaps between the pieces being glued. This type can be used in powder form, or mixed in four times its weight in water to make a slurry…. ;

Meet, Meat Industry

– When people think of the cow that their burger comes from, they think of a peaceful, fenced-in field with cows grazing lazily. In reality that beef comes from a cow who is forced to eat something it cannot digest, in a cramped, loud feedlot, covered in feces. Big business has worked hard to hide the reality of food origin. The American government should create legislation that would eliminate this problem. Research is being done with invitro meat, otherwise known as lab grown meat. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should approve invitro meat for human consumption…. ;