Precast moulder Essay

Precast moulder Essay

Sustainability and Quality of Precast Concrete

– … This helps minimize the negative impact to the construction site while maximizing quality. Precast concrete does not require onsite storage or staging, and is delivered to the project as needed. It is typically erected with a crane and a relatively small crew, which allows for construction within a tight perimeter of a project. This can greatly decrease the footprint of a project site, and help minimize disruption to the surrounding areas. Precast concrete arrives to the project ready for installation, and typically does not require additional cutting or modification, thereby reducing dust and waste….  

Precast, Prestressed Contrete in Beam Design

– Beam design: The design selected for the beam element encompasses the use of precast prestressed concrete. Two symmetrical beams supporting a cast in-situ slab was used so as to provide longitudinal torsional restraint. All in-situ concrete and formwork shall be carried out in accordance to SANS 10100 specifications as described by the calculations attached herein. Precast design was selected since the beam can be produced under factory conditions and not necessarily cast on-site. Quality can be controlled and costs reduced since there is no need for complex scaffolding, and hence erection time and labour is lowered….  

A Study on the Perceptions of Clients, Contractors and Consultants towards Precast Construction Technology

– … Fig.9 Suitability of Precast Construction Technology TABLE III SUITABILITY OF PRECAST CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Scale Criteria 1No 2 May Be 3 Yes Index Average Category In your opinion will precast technology can be successfully adopted for constructing affordable housing units? 1 7 30 2.67 Yes Precast technology will bring value to the people of lower section of the society 2 11 25 2.6 Yes 8. Acceptance towards Precast Construction Technology: Most respondents were of the opinion that the general acceptance towards precast construction usage in Bangalore is currently fair but, there is a need of research in this domain….  

Stress, Strain and Stress Ribbon Structures

– Stress and Strain Relationships on Stress Ribbon Structures A bridge is a type of transportation infrastructure that is built to join two separate points of land together. Bridges often undergo construction in order to provide passage over certain obstacles such as bodies of water or geographical depressions. They can be classified in several different ways including by their intended use or by the materials used to make them. A bridge built solely for people to cross over is classified as a pedestrian bridge….  

Fundamentals of Building Construction: The Concrete

– What is concrete. Concrete is a composite material used widely in the construction industry. Concrete is basically a mixture of cement, water, aggregates and admixture (sometimes). Cement is a fine gray powder that consists of oxidizes calcium, silicon and aluminum. The aggregate used is normally gravel, crushed stone or sand. Admixture is a solid or liquid substance that gives a certain characteristics of the concrete. The cement reacts with water chemically and binds the aggregates together through a process called hydration during hardening or curing of concrete….