Political party official Essay

Political party official Essay

Tea Party Movement

– Due to the weak state our of economy over the past several years, many organizations and movements have surfaced in order to attempt to make a change to better our country. One of those organizations is the Tea Party and their movement. The Tea Party movement is an effective political force in our society because it is respectable, organized, and focused on common issues. According to the official website for the Tea Party movement, it was formed randomly in 2009 from “the reaction of the American people fiscally irresponsible actions of the federal government, misguided ‘stimulus’ spending, bailouts, and takeovers of private industry.” In an article for PBS from 2010, Dante Chinn…  

The Wasat Party in Egypt: Promoting a Liberal Political Environment in Egypt

– … Another ideological principle is standpoint on popular sovereignty. The Muslim Brotherhood believes the authority belongs to God and the nation. This emphasizes the role of Shari‘a in politics and the religious books like the Qur’an having influence in how the political framework functions. The Muslim Brotherhood believes the nation must submit to Allah and can’t have the right to rule unless if it is revealed by Allah. This is why the Muslim Brotherhood represses the Wasat Party promoters because the ideas and values differed from the traditional rules of obeying Allah….  

Political Party Divison is the Problem

– The biggest problem in America today is that the party line has been drawn over our lives, drawn down the center of the nation, drawn through our homes and families. Rather than Republicans and Democrats agreeing on a vision of America but disagreeing on the means to achieve it, the two parties point their fingers, call their opponents names, and declare the other side unpatriotic. The Republicans are running on a platform of “the Democrats will destroy America”, while the Democrats do practically nothing at all, proud to not be Republicans….  

Negative Effects of Political Dynasties in the Philippines

– Many argue that one factor why the Philippines is underdeveloped in the dominance and perpetuation of political dynasties. The 1987 Philippine constitution, Article 2, Section 26 declares that, “The State shall guarantee equal access to public service and prohibit political dynasty as may be defined by law (Dannug and Campanilla 497).” A few politicians have tried to pass laws that would put an end to spread and persistence of political dynasties in the country. In 2004, Senate Bill 1317, an anti-dynasty bill has been filed by then Senator Alfredo Lim and by Senator Panfilo Lacson in 2007….  

Voting in our Two Party System

– Since its inception the United States has operated as constitutional democracy. The authority granted to the government is decreed by the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees, but also needs the political participation of all eligible citizens. Free elections and voting are vital parts of our political structure, and are among our most cherished rights. Our nation is bi-partisan, meaning two parties hold all of the political power, so that begs the question; are these elections really free. These two parties have changed names and ideologies over time, but elections, especially presidential, have always been focused on these two groups….