Plumber Essay

Plumber Essay

Case Study of a Fifty-Three Year Old Plumber

– Examination and Assessment – Case Study 1 Introduction This case study is about a fifty three year old male plumber. He is a volleyball player who has a pain on the right anterior of his knee, during and post activity. On observation around the injured area the right patella is higher than the right and both feet over pronate, on quick touch it is slightly warmer on injured side. It could be a chronic injury because it has bothered the client on and off for the last two months, in terms of previous injuries the client had an ankle inversion sprain nine months ago that was never rehabilitated which could play significance to the injury….  

An Unusual Perspective in Kay Boyles’ Short Story, The Astronomer’s Wife

– … The author writes, “Mr. Ames would never go down there alive. He likes going up” (64). Many times the Astronomer is connected with a higher state of being. For example, Boyle writes, “And she, in her turn, pointed, but impudently, towards the heavens. ‘On the roof. Or on the mountains. He’s been up on the tops of them many times'” (64). This quote suggests the connection between the Astronomer and the state of being above others. This can be connected to the fact of his social-class being above others and, because of that, him thinking he is above others….  

Nixon Above the Law for the Watergate Scandal – Plumber & CREEP

– President Richard Nixon is most commonly known for his involvement with the Watergate Scandal. President Nixon is a very competitive politition who has been finding who his enemys are and what their weak spots are through all of his career. His purpose for doing this is that he wants to win the election so much and he feels that “the only way he can [win] is if he knows something about his opponent that can give himself some secret weapon” (Sussman 201). President Nixon got himself into many problems during his Presidency and used groups such as “The Plumbers” and the Committee to Re-Elect the President, more commonly known as CREEP….  

The Futility of Conflict in three Pieces of Literature

– In this paper, we take a look at the following pieces in an effort to see the conflict in short stories and poems: Astronomer’s wife by Kay Boyle, Araby by James Joyce and lastly The Battle by Louis Simpson. The short story Astronomer’s Wife by Kay Boyle, portrays a wife to a man who stays up late watching the stars and dreaming about being “up there”. It would seem that the astronomer spent longer in bed then his wife, and that his wife took care of him while he kept his head in the sky. The astronomer and his wife had started to grow apart due to his eccentric attitude; his wife felt that she was almost alone, with just her duties to take care of but no one to actually have conversation t…  

Misconception of Women’s Role in Relationships

– Every person is entitled to his or her own personal ways of life to become his or her own individual. However, some people have unbalanced roles in life between themselves and their couple. The women in the relationship tend to be the persons who get manipulated into just providing and satisfying their significant other’s needs. This ongoing unbalance between the sexes, has been happening since forever and women feel secure when being together with a man. Mrs. Ames from Astronomer’s wife and Jig from Hills like White Elephants are both women who have depended on a man for secureness but with ambiguous communication, these women are finding affection elsewhere….