Plastic lay-out worker Essay

Plastic lay-out worker Essay

Worker B5-8-9-2 Reporting

– … The new, clean-shaven recruit, garbed in the dark grey overalls of the company, appeared oblivious to the world around him. He lay hunched over the table, peered intently at the monitor and typed frantically for the better part of an hour. The worker glanced at the stranger beside him and switched tabs to a blank document. He typed. Day 1825 Today marks my fifth year within this pod. Unfortunately, Worker B3824 was promoted. Number of workers promoted during my stay now tallies five. Average length of stay is approximately one year….  

Negative Effect Plastic has on the Environment

– In 1862, Alexander Parkes unveiled an invention, a compound known as celluloid that would change modern history. This is the first known plastic compound to demonstrate the ability to mold when heated and maintain its shape once cooled. While the chemical compounds have evolved over the years, so have its uses and our dependency on them. If we look around our room today, we can see that nearly every product in our house either consists or was built by some form of plastic. This dependence raises some alarming questions….  

Plastic as a Commodity

– … One aspect of this bags that most governments agree on though, is that they are their use should be controlled. Governments have the power to set laws that prohibit the use of these bags but in most instances, they are reluctant. They have multiple options at their disposal, for example, they can chose of completely ban the use of plastic bags or they can increase their taxation as a measure of reducing their use, but they have done little to this effect. Most governments are hostile when it comes to reducing, or banning both the use and manufacture of the plastic bags….  

Worker Health and Safety in Bangladesh

– Workers Health and Safety Not only do the United States Companies have obligations to workers who produce apparel they market. More importantly, these Americans businesses have authority to correct unlawful violations. In addition, customers rely on merchants’ good will and standing when evaluating the makers of their products. For example, according to Sherman (2013), those global clothing buyers, mainly the United States companies, have a job to execute guaranteeing security of Bangladesh’s apparel workers”….  

The Psychology of Kenneth Lay

– Kenneth Lay was the CEO and Chairman of a successful energy trading company called Enron. Kenneth Lay was born April-15-1942 (Johnson, 2004). His company was widely known to have the most innovated accounting procedures. Kenneth Lay grew up as son to a religious Baptist family. Kenneth Lay is also an educated man; his highest academic achievement is a Ph.D in economics. Kenneth Lay also served the U.S Navy for around 3 years. Kenneth was brought up knowing that he had to always provide for his family….