Photography teacher Essay

Photography teacher Essay

A Photographer Captures a Revealing Photo of His Teacher in the Photography by Will Weaver

– … Moreover, habits of smoking, drinking alcohol, stealing are few of the many habits teenagers are often influenced into doing with the use of peer pressure. Trying to receive the feeling of belonging other people is what we often desire, often taking part in risky behaviour to please our peers. This does not last very long as the consequences begin to show up eventually, at times even isolating us from the people who once had trust in you. Loneliness and depression are what often hit teenagers who isolate themselves from others because of their mistakes….  

Personal Narrative- My Passion for Photography

– In times, we often see things, but we don’t really capture what is beyond it. In some cases, there are people who are artistic and are prone to see what other’s cannot visualize. Every individual has a talent which can be expressed and processed differently. Something you see can mean entirely divergent things to someone else;for example, some may see thing’s that may seem simple, but in the eyes of an artist, it can be perceived with a whole new definition, dimension, and a potentially new discovery…. ;

Personal Essay: Photography, My Hobby

– I remember when I was younger it never cross my mind to be a photographer, I always had this crazy idea about being a Mafia leader, cause they seem interesting to me. As I grew up, I realized that Mafia leaders have money, cars and everything they could possibly dream off but they did not get that legally. Then I started to lean towards a more positive goal in life Along the way I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to be Since photography is my new hobby, it has affected my life, therefore it became my new passion, and my family got involved, and helped me plan my future…. ;

Consumer Market Photography

– Consumer photography started when people found the necessity of documenting their lives, trying to save a memory for the future. This market has evolved more and more till the point where we want to document every second of our lives with a phone. Now a days everyone can be considered a consumer photographer, there are millions of photographers working in this field, but what differences one from another is the ability to learn and be influenced from great work of other. One of the photographers that has influenced photography in every way, not only directly to the consumer market, is Youssuf Karsh…. ;

Documentary Photography in America

– … An interesting quality is that this photo is not only taken outside, but it is taken with a flash. “Riis was one of the first Americans to use flashlight powder, a German invention, for his photos”1. Riis’ photographs directly captured the rawness of the sordid living environments that the poor were subjected to. Lewis Hine was also one of the early documentary photographers. During his career as a teacher at the socially progressive Fieldson School in New York, Hine began a photographic project to enhance the status of the immigrant family…. ;