Phlebotomist Essay

Phlebotomist Essay

Going to School to be a Phlebotomist

– … Individuals who learn what is phlebotomy will find these people work in all aspects of the medical field. They can be found in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and various clinical-type settings. A phlebotomist will often be on hand nearly anywhere medical treatments are being performed. This is a profession that is necessary as treatments for any illness often require blood tests to determine how to proceed. The cell’s or a person’s blood are tested to determine the cause of an issue to know which type of or treatment to pursue…. ;

Phlebotomy: Education and Training

– Have you ever wondered how people get trained and learn how to draw peoples blood and not hurt you . This research paper will talk about how to prep for a Venipuncture, what to get and how to act when performing a puncture. The education and training that you need to be a phlebotomist is hard and can be very stressful. A Phlebotomist is a member of a laboratory that deals with blood from a patient. Nature of work is that the Phlebotomist Tech transports the specimens that are involved with a patient and also draws transfusions…. ;

What is Phlebotomy?

– … The process of phlebotomy can be performed in many different ways for many different reasons. For example, a patient may need blood drawn in order to determine if they have diabetes or not. This procedure is performed by first going through general personal information, to ensure that the correct patient is present and all of their medical information is up to date. Then, after all of the proper equipment is ready, the phlebotomist readies him/herself by thoroughly washing and sanitizing his/her hands and wearing gloves…. ;

Staffing at a Hospital

– No matter the breath or the depth of an organization, it will always have the inherent need for human resources. It is safe to say that without work force, no organization in the world would exist. Recognizing not only the need for people, but also more importantly, the need for skilled, efficient and loyal employees has been a key turning point in defining the role of the Human Resource professional. However, some of the most important and challenging functions of human resource professionals are directly related to the recruitment, selection, training, and appraisal of the organization’s employees or potential employee….  

Careers After Studying Biology

– Careers After Studying Biology Epidemiologist Epidemiologists solve disease mysteries. They are scientists who figure out what causes a certain disease and why some people get the disease and why some people don’t. Then they can tell people how to help prevent the disease. Epidemiologists study many different diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. They often study epidemics, which are unusual outbreaks of diseases. Forensic biology Forensic biology involves the detection, identification and comparison of biological materials relating to many legal aspects…. ;