Pharmaceutical chemist Essay

Pharmaceutical chemist Essay

The Accomplishment of Gertrude B. Elion

– … Because of all of her research and findings, she has helped so many and started so much of today’s research. If she never joined Hitching, these medications may have taken much longer to synthesize. Hitchings, Elion, and a man name Sir James Black were awarded the Nobel Prize in1988 for medicine. Their discoveries for drug treatments for cancer were extraordinary and their methods for creating new compounds showed that they deserved this prize. Not only was Elion a prominent pharmaceutical developer, she was very involved throughout her life on several boards and committees….  

Analysis of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

– Introduction Due to longer life expectancy and the rapid increase of the world’s population, the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly important. The problem of aging population and high healthcare cost is particularly serious in Japan. This essay will focus on a Japanese drug maker – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda, the company). First, in order to provide background information, the current business model and relevant information of Takeda will be outlined and analysed based on financial data and the company’s annual reports….  

Pharmaceutical Practice: Patient Assessment

– Over the last decades, pharmacy practice has evolved into a patient cantered care profession which aims to improve health outcome of the patient. Within the pharmaceutical practice model, the role of pharmacist is not restricted into just dispensing the right medication but to achieve an overall better outcome for the patient. Patient assessment is a vital part of this pharmaceutical model and is focused on gathering patient-specific information, evaluating that information, identify drug related problems and formulating a pharmaceutical care plan….  

The Supply Chain Department of Square Pharmaceuticals

– Recently the Human Resource Management (HRM) concept and true functionality have taken their final shape in Bangladesh. The companies in Bangladesh have realized the main role of HRM as vital component in the development mechanism of any organization to achieve its targets and main objectives, and to get competitive advantage (Islam 2006) . Therefore, all HRM responsibilities , contributes are being recognized as crucial as all other organization departments (Islam 2006). This paper focus is going to be the Supply Chain Department (SCD) of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Bangladesh as an example of HRM role and contribution in overall business strategy and developing human resources….  

Market Niches and the Pharmaceutical Industry

– Market Niches and the Pharmaceutical Industry Three men were asked to race in a competition across a desert for a grand prize. Of the three men, the two strongest and fastest start running franticly into the desert in hopes to beat the other. The third man stood calmly and watched the race for a moment and then began to walk in the other direction with a smile on his face. A judge of the race stopped the man walking in the other direction and asked him, “Where are you going. The race is that way, to the east.” The man turned and pointed at the two other men racing as they disappeared over the horizon, and then replied to the judge, “I’m running my race towards the west and by looks things…