PhD student computer sciences and mathematics Essay

PhD student computer sciences and mathematics Essay

Forensics Sciences

– Forensic scientists apply the studies of science to areas of crime and law enforcement. They are essential in the solving of all crimes for without them there would be no way to study and use evidence. To become a forensic scientist one must go through intense training and education as well as the basic education needed for any career. There are many different areas of forensic sciences including odontology, anthropology, and toxicology. Math is a crucial aspect of any forensic science. Forensic scientist Detective Sergeant Schiele, from the Concord Police Department says “never stop learning.” Forensic science is the employment of science to solve crimes….  

The Outlook for Girls In Engineering and Mathematics

– areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics employers are not getting enough women (Pozniak). High school girls only represent 17 percent of computer science Advance Placement (AP) test takers (O’Shea). The most significant group of minorities who are behind in earning computer technology degrees and working in science and mathematical professions are women. “Historically, women’s low representation in science and engineering was said to be due in large part of their lack of ability, interest, or both” (Horning 30)…. ;

Statment of Purpose for Computer Science Engineering

– Journeying through the gateway of the professional world, with an associated thirst for viable solutions for challenging tasks has drifted me towards my masters program. This zeal for research made me realise that it is possible to achieve it through a graduate program at a good university. With a quest for knowing occult things which was inculcated into me during my childhood, continued unabated during my adolescence. During my schooling I had participated in a numerous number of science fairs and workshops…. ;

Why I Want to Study Computer Science Engineering

– STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Name : Qualification : Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in computer science Course Aspiration : M.S. In computer A fascination for Science & Technology and keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering. The power of research and delivering it for the growth of Society is what makes me interested in the technology side of science. I choose to major Computer science Engineering with an intense urge to delve into this challenging field…. ;

Statement of Purpose for Master?s Degree in Computer Science

– … The software achieved an accuracy of approximately 65%. Post summer, I had worked with Dr. C. Sarvanan, Assistant Professor, Computer Center, NIT Durgapur on the project titled “Fingerprint Image Enhancement”. It required the implementation of a 7-step process of a fingerprint enhancement algorithm. For my final year project, I had worked on “Real time cricket score and news retrieval on Android platform” for which Ms. Deepanwita Das, Assistant Professor, Dept of Information Technology, NIT Durgapur had served as an advisor…. ;