PhD student all other subjects Essay

PhD student all other subjects Essay

Obtaining a PhD in power systems engineering

– My life has been heavily freckled with a sense of adventure and research; a life that seeks to find the meaning of anything and will not stop till it gets to the depth of everything. This, perhaps, was responsible for damaging several electrical appliances when, as a boy, I was trying to discover what made everything that was not made in Nigeria work. It was this desire to discover things and break new grounds that spurred me into pursuing a career in the field I knew would best satisfy my curiosity….  

My PhD: The Conservation Biology of Shorebirds

– The main direction of my PhD is to reveal why shorebirds are declining. I propose to use a combination of research methods (fieldwork, GIS, phylogenetic analyses), because learning these methods will be highly beneficial in my career as conservation biologist and academic. I have only decided about 3 papers, each should be suitable for a chapter. The direction of further chapters needs to be discussed as I go along. Chapter 1. Why are shorebirds declining. Comparative tests of intrinsic and extrinsic variables on threat status and population trends Shorebird (sandpipers, plovers, gulls and allies) populations are declining globally, driving many species to the brink of extinction (Zockler et…  

Use of human subjects in research

– The use of human subjects in research is very controversial in today’s society. However, there is a certain push to do certain experiments on humans, such as clinical trials for new medications or surgical procedures and social experiments on humans. It is believed that those results are more reliable than if those studies were carried out on other ‘model’ organisms in these fields. I have picked two cases from Shamoo and Resnik (2009) that relate to different aspects of the issue of human subjects in research….  

PhD in Computer Science

– “Time and tide wait for no man”, this we all know. Having done an inspiring four-year course in Computer Science Engineering. I would like to put to use this knowledge to do my PhD in Computer Science. This would give me the leading edge in technology and the practical low-down and the information I require. For the past few decades man is advancing in to the unknown realms of science and technology. This advancement is to make life easy and to increase human comfort at home and at work and I would like to be an integral part of such betterment….  

Other Ways Other than Formal Schooling for Learning Core Subjects

– … This suggests that if an individual has a high level of motivation to learn, then it could lead to a higher learning performance. Therefore, in classes, teachers should support individuals on making lessons and homework’s comprehensible to pupils. Weinert, Scharder and Helmke, (1989, Cited in Seidel and Shavelson, 2007) stated that these types of characteristics within teachers are believed to influence the students’ interest and involvement during lessons and to promote learning on a higher and more influential level that can maximise the students learning abilities….