Petroleum engineer Essay

Petroleum engineer Essay

Statement of Purpose as Petroleum Engineer

– … The courses that I credited during my sophomore and junior years were a rich blend of science and practical engineering all reflecting a balance between its application and theory. It extended from Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Measurements, Advanced Control Systems, Digital Control Systems to core Instrumentation subjects like Industrial Process Control , Advanced Instrumentation (Elective-I) and Nuclear Instrumentation (Elective-II). The knowledge I gained from the courses was substantiated by undertaking several lab sessions during the program….  

Making a Living By Standing Around: Petroleum Engineer

– Making A Living By Standing Around Imagine a time where we were left without any oil to power the vehicles we use every day. Today’s modern conveniences are made possible by the use of millions of gallons of petroleum extracted daily. Overseeing this very important operations are petroleum engineers. These men and women are sent out to watch over drilling sites to see how much they are producing along with any maintenance needing to be done. These men and women strive to achieve the most cutting edge advancements….  

Petroleum Engineering

– Petroleum Engineering As a petroleum engineer, one would have to apply their “technical skills and knowledge” to solve different challenges. They connect an area that lies just below the surface and top to bring oil and gas from a reservoir to the to where they need it to be. Their aim is always to work economically as well as safely. The diverse topics covered by petroleum engineering are closely related to the earth sciences. Petroleum engineering topics include economics, geology, geochemistry, geomechanics, geophysics, oil drilling, geopolitics, knowledge management, seismology, team building, teamwork, tectonics, thermodynamics, well logging, well completion, oil and gas production, re…  

Inspiring Career of Petroleum Engineering

– HISTORY Petroleum engineering is one of the most important leading careers of society. This is a field of engineering which relates to parts of chemistry, hydrocarbons that can be crude/oil of natural gas. Petroleum engineering has many difficult stages. As you read more many other facts on why petroleum engineering is important will be stated. Petroleum engineering is the development and exploitation of crude/oil and natural gas. The foundation was established during the 1890s in California….  

Hybrid Technology over Petroleum Usage

– I imagine the world will much more changes especially technology. The technology will change our life enormously. The latest technology that exist today give more amazement to me such as bendable smartphone. The smart phone that can bend and also flexible developed by Samsung. And also 3D printing, the printer able to print 3D shape from 3D picture. What will happen 50 years from now is huge transformations with more new invention, innovation and design. As automotive engineer, I found possible of future car technologies will produce in future….