Personal stylist Essay

Personal stylist Essay

Personal Narrative- Staying Young Forever

– Personal Narrative- Staying Young Forever It all begins with the famous phrase, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As children, we think the words “growing up” mean becoming like mom and dad. It means having a job, being able to cook dinner, and knowing how to pay bills. We are too young to understand the real concept behind those two dreadful words. If only someone had told me the truth, I could have prepared for the shock. I hate growing up, and getting older really stinks. The phases of growing up are like a date gone wrong….  

Personal Statement

– In my search of goals, I decided I wanted to become Sales Executive and achieve top Sales Executive status in a Fortune 500 Company. When you have a passion for something, you can do well. My sales career started with Lens Crafters as a frame stylist. I was recognized as a top seller, which resulted in a promotion to field travel to increase sales in the Northbrook and Vernon Hills locations. I also took a second job at the Jewelry department for Service Merchandise. Once again, I was recognized as a top seller….  

Fashion Stylists vs. Fashion Designers

– Fashion Stylists vs. Fashion Designers Fashion stylists and fashion designers have some similarities, but the differences are very evident. Fashion stylists hold the job title of someone who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. Fashion designers simply create garments to be worn and purchased by the general public. Fashion stylists unlike fashion designers will always be in demand….  

Who Shoulldn’t Become a Sales Person

– … As we continued to talk about this product as related to my skin care, she then offered me three samples to take home and try because I was debating if the price was worth the product. I took the samples which lasted two months; once I was completely out of samples, I went back to Bloomingdales and purchased the Mecier moisture tent. What was so positive about the experience was that the sales person actually listend, she understood that I was not just a makeup wearer, she never tried to sale me more than what I asked for…. ;

Hair Artists

– Hair Artists Without them we’d all be bald. You either need, know one or perhaps are one. What am I talking about you ask. Hair artists. Only a few of us can envision a design on the head of someone and successfully accomplish it. Only a few of us could possibly do it on our own heads. It’s a talent no matter what, a talent that is sometimes ignored and at times not thought too highly of. I call hairstylists hair artists because they share their art of creation and imitation for many people on a daily-basis…. ;