Personal carer in an institution for psychiatric patients Essay

Personal carer in an institution for psychiatric patients Essay

Experiences and Characteristics of Absconding Patients from Psychiatric Units

– Examined in this essay will be two articles that investigate the experiences and characteristics of absconding patients from psychiatric units. The first, by Intansari Nurjannah, Mary FitzGerald & Kim Foster, was a yearlong case study that looked into the experiences of patients who had absconded from psychiatric facilities in Indonesia. The experiences were documented through 16 semi-structured interviews, focusing on qualitative information. The second journal article, written by Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Krista Mosel, Adam Gerace, Adrian Esterman & Len Bowers, was a study of the characteristics of absconding patients from a psychiatric ward in Australia through the analysis of statistical dat…  

Nursing Case Study: Psychiatric Patient

– In this case study, one day of care for a 28 year old, male patient on a low secure psychiatric unit will be examined and discussed. The main focus will be on implementation and evaluation of the nursing process. These areas will be covered under; physiological, psycho-sociological and pharmacological aspects of the patient’s care. Although, the case study is discussed using third person expression, the care discussed is what was implemented and evaluated by myself, a second year student nurse, under supervision from a qualified member of staff….  

Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates by Erving Goffman

– … Elizabeths Hospital. He began as an assistant director, pretending to be a researcher of forms of relaxation and leisure. He spent the whole day in the company of patients, while avoiding social contact with staff. Goffman allows us to see exactly how the mechanism and the ideology of such organization work. The great merit of the author of this book is, first, to make a typology of totalitarian institutions, and their five categories. Institutions established to care for people, like orphanages….  

The Changes That Came About The Psychiatric Health Systems

– The world of State Hospitals and Psychiatric Nursing, literally a world that horror movies are made of. The history of mental health treatment is barbaric, including lobotomies, being wrapped in wet sheets until hypothermia set in, the electric shock treatments, lest we forget the twisted experts thinking of incestual everything in who became the “father of psychiatry” Sigmund Freud. Patient Rights were nonexistent, people were disposed of at the “sanitarium” they were locked up, chained to walls, and left eternally alone….  

Psychiatric Hospitals and Restrain and Seclusion

– Every school, psychiatric unit should always make an effort to prevent the need for restraint and seclusion. Everyone has their own opinion on how they feel about these two issues and what the laws should be set on. School policies on seclusion and restraint will always differ from the psychiatric unit’s policy since they are two different environments and may deal with different clientele. There have been many laws that have been set and also changed throughout the years regarding how you should and shouldn’t restrain a patient or student because you could eventually seriously injure them….