Performance artist Essay

Performance artist Essay

Study of Performance Art by Roselee Goldberg

– Introduction People may experience second hand, through artists, other possibilities of aesthetic, political and sexual freedom they lack in their own lives. This may be one of the reasons why, despite countless predictions over the past few decades, performance art hasn’t died, nor has it been replaced by other mediums. Body art has evaded representation by focusing on the materiality of the performer’s bodies and presenting concrete life actions. In the wake of body art, theorists began writing on the significance and meaning of the body that was not a reference bearer but was ‘itself’….  

Looking inside Kafka in A Hunger Artist

– Looking inside Kafka in “A Hunger Artist” Thesis Statement: “The psyche of the people towards the hunger artist as a metaphor to the inconsistency, frailty and superficiality of human belief; through the eyes of Kafka as the hunger artist himself” The story’s use of profound metaphors, symbolisms and allegorical abstractions, are too intricately bound and woven so that a singular interpretation of “A hunger Artist” is a total impossibility. Therefore, this paper will try to tackle only two of the possible interpretations: the story as an autobiographical representation of Kafka himself, and his commentary on the flaws and frailty of human belief…. ;

Performance Works of Artists in the Decades after Minimalism

– … This presence of the literal body could only lead to the performer. From the 1960s to the end of the 1980s artists such as Yoko Ono, Chris Burden, Carolee Schneemann, Marina Abramovic, Gina Pane, Otto Muehl, Karen Finley and many others marginalized form the artistic mainstream adopted these ideas of subjectivity and the body. Exploring the pain, pleasure and physical limits of their bodies, they tried to overcome conventional practices aiming criticism at the conventional models of physical…. ;

The Wandering Nature of the Artist in the Altermodern Context

– If heterochronic elements brought together form one of the main components of the altermodern, the wandering spirit of the artist is its complementary part. He is a wanderer, an individual in quest for ‘something’, trying to discover a higher meaning or simple, absurd facts, woven out of threads of fantasy or from the past experience. Throughout modernism, referring to the changes started in Renaissance, the artist looked at all times towards ‘something’ to discover. Nowadays, the times have changed: there are no patterns, no rules of what is allowed or not; anything is permitted and that is the only rule to be followed…. ;

Lady Gaga, The Best New Artist

– There is a constant influx of new musical performing artists. Most tend to blend into the background noise. A handful are talented enough to garner media coverage. These performers build a nicely sized fan base, but never really find a substantial place in the public eye. This may be due to the fact that they tend to meld into the backdrop by following a kind of established formula for stardom. They may have wonderful music, with catchy melodies and strong beats, but it takes more than that to be considered the best new artist…. ;