Parking valet Essay

Parking valet Essay

Free Parking will Never be Free

– Whenever I have dinner at a restaurant, I feel happy to see a large hanging sign in front of the restaurant saying “free parking in rear”. It means I can save a couple dollars for parking and enjoy the dinner. I believe most of people have the same experience of finding a free parking space. However, parking is never free, even it labeled with free parking. We have already paid something but we just do not realize it. In 2013, Paul Kennedy argued in his presentation program CBC radio Ideas that “parking causes huge economic, environmental, and even social problems” (“Paying for Parking”)….  

Inadequate Parking in College Campuses

– Sheridan College rests at the bottom of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, in a small, friendly Western town where everyone believes that everyone else is their neighbor and treats them as such. After a week at Sheridan College, I guarantee that any visitor would mistake it for Heaven; that is, except for one issue: the lack of parking on campus. Nearly every time in the past that I have attempted to locate a desirable parking spot, I have failed and have had to settle for a spot at least five minutes away from my intended location….  

A Criticism of Parking Policies in Society

– The concept of parking is not normally included when discussing the most profitable industries in the world. However, the topic of parking has no longer considered a luxury, but is now seen as a necessity. The main cause of society’s view for parking is the parking polices that developers are required to follow. These policies have lead societies dependence on vehicles as their main source of transportation. Therefore these policies have created a business, which has influenced technological advancement causing economic, environmental, and social problems in our society by creating a chain reaction of cause and effects….  

Recognition of a Parking Issue

– When dining out, I always feel excited when I see a large sign in front of the restaurant saying “free parking in rear”. It means that I could save a couple of dollars while enjoying dinner. I believe that most people have the same experience. However, even if labelled “free parking”, parking is actually not free, since we have already paid something for it without realizing it. In general, parking creates economic and environmental problems, and even social issues, as Paul Kennedy argues in his 2013 CBC radio program Ideas, (“Paying for Parking”)….  

Parking at BSU, Possible or Not

– Parking at BSU, Possible or Not With the diversity of students that attend the University, there are a variety of challenges and advantages that are unique to each sector. Parking on the Boise State University Campus can be a difficult and frustrating but with a little bit of help and information, you can maneuver your way anywhere. Parking is a function that is necessary and required by almost everyone that visits or uses the Boise State University campus. This may range from teachers to visitors to employees….