Paramedical practitioner all other Essay

Paramedical practitioner all other Essay

Nursing, Medical and Paramedical Fields

– … Firstly, discuss the theoretical aspect of both nursing and physics. Secondly, the practices in both field, thirdly experimental and research in both field. The theory in nursing play vital role, the procedure related to nursing based on this theory. The theory is fixed that provide the knowledge, assist nursing students to understand the nursing procedures, also helps to follow the code of ethics and standards. Futhermore theory helps in making plan for patient care based on nursing diagnosis (Parker, M.E….  

Nurse Practitioner Role in Caring for Patients with SLE

– Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease that affects multiple organ systems (Weinstein, 2011). It is characterized by a stable disease process with episodes of active disease flare-ups. (Daleboudt, Berger, Broadbent & Kaptein, 2011). SLE primary affects women of childbearing age and it has been hypothesized that this is due to circulating estrogen levels (Bernknopf, Rowley, & Bailey, 2011). Diagnosis of SLE and organ involvement is made through laboratory testing….  

The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare Organizations

– What is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor. What does this mean to hospitals and clinics in this time of changing healthcare dynamics, with a shortage of general practice physicians and hospitals looking into alternatives to fill the gaps. Nurse practitioners have had a brief history in the whole spectrum of medical history. They have had a difficult course in becoming what they are today and for the future of the practice….  

A Career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

– … Because of the affordable coverage, more people then requested the need to have primary care, and because there were not enough doctors to go around to everyone that could afford the care, the nurses felt that they could take on the important responsibility. The training program for the nurse practitioners, developed by Nurse Loretta Ford and Doctor Henry Silver, was based on the well being of children and their families. The growing interest for primary care, according to Ford, was one of the reasons for the creation of Nurse Practitioners.(O’Brien) Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are much like Pediatricians they care for children from infancy to young adulthood, except Practitioners are…  

The Path to Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

– … A few health care settings that NPs work in include cardiology, emergency, family practice, geriatrics, neonatology, nephrology, oncology, pediatrics, primary care, school health, and women’s health. Within these settings, the NP may work in clinics without doctor supervision or they can work together with doctors to form a joint health care team. As far as licensure, registration, and certification, NPs are regulated at two different levels. Licensure is completed through a process that takes place within each states laws….