Oxy fuel burning machine operator Essay

Oxy fuel burning machine operator Essay

Alternative Fuel for Airplane

– One of the most significant current discussions in sustainable aviation is alternative fuel for airplane, which is a serious argument; however, big question is that efforts to produce a more sustainable fuel to power aircraft are technically and ethically feasible. This paper going to investigate and show there is no alternative fuel to power aircraft in this time. The fuel using by airplane is fossil fuel, which is Jet A1 by burning this fuel there are impact on the global warming the researcher investigate what is the problem with fossil fuel (Jet A1)….  

The Production and Consumption of Ethanol as Fuel

– … Brazil has the largest market of biofuel using sugarcane as raw material, making this biofuel a import renewable fuel with cost-competitive to replace the petroleum fuel for transport. Producing almost the same amount in 2005, Brazil use less than half of the area to cultivate the crop to produce ethanol than United States, wich use mainly corn as raw material to ethanol production. One ton of sugarcane can produce about eighty liters of ethanol, and one ha (~2.47 acres) produces eighty five tons on average in the state of Sao Paulo (largest state producer of sugarcane in Brazil)….  

Water: Fuel to Think About

– Water: The Next Gasoline A man named Stanley A. Meyers was poisoned to death in a restaurant in Grove City, Ohio on March 20th, 1998 (“Stanley Meyer,” n.d.). This shows how dangerous inventing or developing free energy can be. We live in a capitalist country where in some states the government takes sixty cents to the gallon (Kohen, 2012). Some time before his death Stanley Meyer demonstrated in a news report on an Ohio TV Station, that he was successfully able to power his dune buggy using only tap water….  

Hydrogen Power as a Fuel Source

– Hydrogen Power as a Fuel Source It is no secret that the Gulf war was fought for superiority of the vast oil reserves in the Arab regions. This point to the fact that the superpowers are experiencing a severe shortage of fuel for its un-satiated energy needs. While the advanced nations in the world are the biggest consumers of fuel, their fuel production capacities are very limited or almost non-existent. Scientists predict that the world’s oil reserves will not last for long and we need to find out alternative forms of fuel for our ever growing fuel needs…. ;

Fossil Fuel versus Biofuels as a Primary Fuel for Transportation

– Should we then abandon fossil fuel completely and change to a cleaner type of fuel. Fossil fuel has always been the blame on the bad and polluted environment that we have right now. But we still use fossil fuel, or in this paper we call it petroleum, because it is highly efficient to use it for our transportation fuel. The ‘abundant’ reserve and the increasing development of technology to harness it efficiently from beneath us has made us realize that petroleum is the best fuel for our transportation needs…. ;