Out of school hours care worker Essay

Out of school hours care worker Essay

The Life and Future of a Social Worker

– … Social workers can also work with schools, hospitals, settlement houses, churches, neighborhood centers, Housing tracts or armed forces. To help patients and clients with their problems many hospitals or facilities employ social workers in a wide variety of occupations such as nurses and health aids. The working conditions of most social workers include full time which is forty hours per week. some may also work on evenings and weekends to meet clients, go to meetings, and take care of emergency situations….  

How to be a Great Social Worker

– … Throughout the social work community, even any helping environment, theres always ethical dilemmas or situations where you must make difficult decisions. This is why the NASW ( National Association of Social Workers) has established guidelines for these ethical decision making. The mission of a social worker is “to enhance human wellbeing and help meet the basic needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are oppressed, vulnerable, and living in poverty” (NASW)….  

A Career as a Social Worker

– If someone likes helping people, caring for people, and likes making life changing decisions what should they be when you grow up. When families get into fights,when inebriate,flagrant parents abuse their children, when teenagers are choosing colleges, when families are looking for another member to add to their family, when people are giving up their babies for adoption who comes into play. Who helps people make important life decisions on college scholarships. Who helps put people’s babies up for adoption; nevertheless, help them adopt a baby….  

Why I Want to be a Social Worker

– My interest in social work stems from a love of volunteering that I possessed ever since I was a young child expressing great enthusiasm for church and school service events. As I grew older, I began volunteering for many other community events, such as serving over 200 hours at a local hospital, helping with free cancer screenings, and fitting children with free bike helmets. I even created my own donation drive for a local women’s and children’s shelter. I feel the best when I am striving to create positive changes in my community and for struggling, marginalized individuals….  

A Day in the Life of a Child Daycare Worker

– A normal day for a daycare facility is to have many classrooms full of students like a typical public school; however, they are younger children and are being supervised by an adult. That adult is responsible for, on average, four to ten students at any given time, ages ranging from zero to six. During that time, a lot can happen. These busy workers have many responsibilities throughout the day. The most important one is safety. Because these children are so young, they are also adventurous therefore need a lot of attention….