Optometrist Essay

Optometrist Essay

Statement of Purpose to Become a Pediatrcian or an Optometrist

– … This can be a total of eleven to thirteen years (“Pediatrician: What to Learn”). This amount of education makes anyone ready for their future career. The daily activities of this type of doctor Leal 2 include diagnosing, treating, and preventing children’s disease. They also examine and monitor children to obtain medical information. They also explain procedures and discus test results with parents and guardians. In order to help the patients, the can prescribe treatment, medication, and vaccination (“Pediatrician: What They Do”)….  

What Does it Take to Become an Optometrist

– As time goes on the future becomes more relevant and what we as students decide to do with our future determines the overall outcome of the person we will develop in to. Since the beginning of grade school students work to the best of their abilities to become what they view in their own eyes as successful. Students are tested and put in constant competition their entire schooling career. The results of this competition determine what opportunities will be open for the individual to seize and later develop into their profession….  

The Diagnosis of Wolfram Syndrome

– Report of case: A ten years old boy was referred by Pediatrician for ocular assessment. He was a known case of DM since last two years being on insulin and the pediatrician was concerned about Diabetic Retinopathy, as the patient had a complaint of gradual visual decline over past two years. The patient was born to a 1st degree consanguineous cousin marriage, with a normal birth history. He had been diagnosed with DM at the age of eight, receiving insulin. The referral letter from pediatrician along with a recent HBA1C report was a telltale of good glycemic control….  

Why does Insurance Companies Do not Cover Vision Therapy

– Optometrists have accepted vision therapy, which is a medical treatment for optical muscle disabilities, as a feasible treatment used for eye related problems; claiming the treatment can strengthen vision and give the patient the opportunity to understand visuals quicker and clearer (Press). Vision therapy originated in the 1950s and over the past 25 years, has gained popularity, mainly because of new technological innovations in the field of treatment. Generally, vision therapy is prescribed as a measure mainly for people between the ages of 3 and 18….  

Medicare and Medicaid Meaninful Use Stage

– … CMS recently launched an online calculator, practitioners can enter data regarding when their EHR was installed and the time when they first attested, the website will calculate and displays the path to Meaningful Use by calendar year. Updated stage 1 for 2013 Several factors required to meet the Meaningful Use Stage 1 have been updated for the year 2013. First of all is CPOE (computerized physician order entry).before reporting was based on a percentage of patients for which medication has been prescribed electronically 30% for stage 1….