Online community manager Essay

Online community manager Essay

Work of the Manager in Practice and Theoretical Explanations

– Work of the Manager in Practice and Theoretical Explanations Introduction “Manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish organisational goals” (Robbins et al 2006, p8). Management is the process of coordinating and harmonizing people and activities towards achieving a goal efficiently and effectively (Robbins et al 2006). This project is mainly focus on the research that I did by interviewing a manager. It is analysis of jobs perform by a modern manager comparing to the theoretical aspects of management….  

The Emergence of Distance Education Career Services

– The Emergence of Distance Education Career Services In order for chaos not to abound there needs to be some type of rules and boundaries that exist to create order. According to the website, the definition of chaos is “a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order”. So to maintain atmosphere free of chaos there has to be order or organization. Ultimately there is some kind of guiding principle or standard that dictates rules. There are boundaries that determine what actions should occur….  

Great Ebay Debate

– Introduction The object of this paper is to create a balanced scorecard for eBay based on the optimal approach for running an Internet-based auction business. Cases for both sides on whether eBay has met the metric goals as detailed in the balanced scorecard will be discusses along with a discussion on which argument was more compelling and the reasons why. Company Overview EBay was founded in 1995. The goal of the company is to connect customers to each other and provide a platform where users can trade goods and merchandise….  

eSports: Professional Video Gaming

– Broadcasted competitive gaming has been around since the beginning of arcade games when people were competing for the highest score on shows like Starcade back in 1982(Bell). However, in the past couple of years the competitive gaming world has exploded in growth with more games, more tournaments, more players, and bigger cash prizes. During this most recent November there were eight major tournaments for a multitude of games including League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and some less competitive games such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and Street Fighter….  

Online Worlds: Online Games and Sims

– … Thirdly, online games can facilitate communication with adolescent peers. Young people playing online games, often via the Internet to talk with their peers, and to cooperate with each other to carry out tasks in the game. When they succeed, it will absolutely build on each other’s trust which promoted the development of friendship. When it comes to the disadvantages of online games, in addition to physical injuries, it also causes time and energy loss. People spending a lot of time to indulge in their online games; they don’t rest, skip meals just aiming to help their game characters to “upgrade” their abilities on the web game…. ;