Occupational therapist Essay

Occupational therapist Essay

Why I Want to Become an Occupational Therapist

– … Some places may include; offices of occupational therapy, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, physicians’ offices, and home and health servies. You have many places to choose from. Education is an important part of becoming an occupational therapist. There is a degree required. First to become this, you must have a master’s degree. You must also pass the NBCOT (national board for certification in occupational therapy) exam. Being certified is required to be hired. You will continue to recieve education throughout your career….  

Therapeutic Intervention From an Occupational Therapist in an Oncology Service

– Therapeutic Intervention From an Occupational Therapist in an Oncology Service The therapeutic intervention a client should expect from an occupational therapist in an oncology service should be one that complies with government legislation, plans, standards and guidelines. The Governments plans for the National Health Service (NHS) are set out in several reports such as: – the Calman-Hine Cancer Report (1995), The New NHS – Modern and Dependable (1997) and The NHS Cancer Plan (2000), which provide information to service users regarding the quality of the services they should expect….  

Description of Occupational Therapy Career

– Occupational therapy is projected to be one of the fastest growing jobs in the upcoming years. This job has the potential to be an exciting career for someone interested in a healthcare profession. One of the rewarding things about being an occupational therapist is the ability to help people reach their goals while earning a good salary and benefits. Occupational therapists help people across their lifespan by increasing their range of motion on their joints and helping people get back to their daily lives….  

Reflecting on My Occupational Therapy Education

– As I was returning home from our on-site module, I reflected on what an extraordinary experience it was being in the aura of these self-directed and motivated individuals. How is it that we all gathered here. What brought us to this institution of higher learning. Exploring different reasons brought me to ponder why am I here, and how did I get here. Although this sounds like existentialism, there is a component of this philosophy in my professional journey. “American existentialists focus on human potential and the quest for personal meaning…If we relate this to the field of education, examining life through authentic thinking involves students in genuine learning experiences (Cohen & At…  

The Difference between Occupational and Physical Therapists

– Many people believe that occupational and physical therapists are interchangeable, but in reality they are two very different fields of work. Occupational and physical therapists can be compared in three different aspects; the educational requirements to become certified, the type of patients they work with, and the tasks and activities they perform to improve the patient’s life. These fields both work in the health care department and often work together to help assist a patient. Beginning with the educational requirements both of these areas of study require four years of prerequisite classes to prepare the student to apply to a college or program of study….