News anchor Essay

News anchor Essay

The Information You Need If You Want to Be a News Anchor

– … However, the rules on this ban depends on the size of the community. According to the Common Cause (n.d.), a company is not allowed to own television stations that would reach more than 39 percent of the United Sates households. This is known as the national television ownership rule. There is another rule set by the FCC called the dual network rule. This rule restricts any sort of merger between ABC network, NBC, CBS, and Fox. All these rules and regulations try and limit any one- sided broadcasting….  

The Making of a 60 Seconds News Video

– … The next thing I started thinking of was who I was going to use as my news anchor, news reporter and the students because what I was doing was a two-way news report. A two-way news report is news that starts from the studio, then goes over to a news reporter in the streets or in a live scene of an action .I asked some of course mates if they could help with some of the roles at the end only one person accepted to take the news anchor role. I decided to take up the role of the news reporter. I later asked around and finally got people to interview as students for the report….  

“Our Top Story”: Analysis of News Conventions in the NBC Nightly News

– News broadcasts have been a staple in the lives of many long before the invention of the television. As technology changed, the place of the newscaster shifted from the radio to the television screen. These earliest years of television news did not adhere to the same conventions as the modern newscast. Moving from radio to television as the major source of broadcast news brought on new challenges. In order to do so, networks were forced to experiment with how stories and new anchors would be presented to their television audiences (Conway, 2007)….  

A Brand unto Herself: Oprah Winfey

– … Phil and Rachel Ray. Several other shows have ties to the Oprah brand as well. Oprah has extended into the magazine field with her monthly magazine, as well as the film industry where she has worked with acclaimed actors, authors, and writers to produce award winning movies through the production company she owns called Harpo Films. Oprah has recently launched her own cable television network called The Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN. This new task has brought foreword many new obstacles to the Oprah brand….  

The Important Role of News Reporters

– The Important Role of News Reporters Every morning when I get up, the very first thing I do is turn on the TV–but not for cartoons or MTV. It has become a habit for me to watch the news in the morning. I feel the need to know what is going on because I know that no matter where the news happens, 99 percent of the time it will, directly or indirectly, affect me or people I care about. The broadcast media has become a part of my life and the lives of almost everyone in the Western world. We may not know the names of our senators, but Katie Couric or Tom Brokaw are familiar names in every American household….