Nature conservation officer Essay

Nature conservation officer Essay

Zoos Thoughout the World

– Families strolling, children squealing with glee, and adults gazing with interest; A typical day at the zoo. Animal-lovers rush throughout zoos in search of their favorite feline or lizard, while children smack on popcorn as they tap on glass enclosures. For hundreds of years people have gone to zoos in seek of entertainment. The zoo provides a fun and educational time for families, but the joy of seeing adorable creatures blinds spectators from seeing the pain zoo animals live with. People do not realize the harm zoos do to animals….  

The Future of the Conservation Movement

– There is no question that humans are the dominant ecological force in today’s society. If humans are the dominant force, would it not make sense that humans have the moral responsibility to protect and care for nature. Nature provides humans with the resources to survive, yet humans are the ones who are slowly destroying it. Fortunately, there are people who do believe that it is their moral responsibility to protect nature. The Conservation Movement provides an excellent example of humans being obedient in the fight for protecting nature….  

Community Education Officer and Inclusion

– In order to understand the principles of inclusion and organisational structures which are in place within different professional contexts, it is important to expand on personal understanding of a variety of reflective learning models, as well as increasing awareness of inclusion and the diverse range of values which are contained within different ideologies of inclusive practices. Reflection on personal understanding of professional contexts and the variety of personal attributes which are required in order to develop and deliver to service users is equally important….  

A Future Conservation Officer: Battling Physical Challenges

– A Future Conservation Officer: Battling Physical Challenges The career that I would like to achieve is the one that I have dream of since my dad inspired me as a little boy. I have always wanted to be a conservation officer for northern Michigan. A conservation officer must be able to perform all the tasks set before him. Some of these are enforcing fish and wildlife laws, patrolling and protecting parks and forests, and maintaining the environment. For me as a dyslexic this makes learning and mean tanning a professional standard in the job field hard….  

The Progressive Erans Conservation Movement and Congressman Morrie K. Udall

– … Though forty years have passed, some of the reasons as to why environmental conservation is not as successful as it could be- the abandonment of environmental issues by the White House, the “defeat anti-environmentalists” mindset- that he urged the community to come together to fix still lay broken today. Congressman Udall identified himself as both a lover and critic of the conservation movement and, in that, defined the central premise of my academic and career track and expressed my personal viewpoint about the essential collaboration of our nation’s responsibility to the natural world and each other….