Natural resources consultant Essay

Natural resources consultant Essay

How Natural is Natural Gas?

– How natural is Natural Gas. Natural gas extraction and consumption has risen over the past thirty years. Also known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking, a tremendous amount of uproar is being made in the environmental and political communities. Natural gas use is a great source of energy worldwide, only in America have we had a gold rush affect when it comes to extraction. Natural gas provides less dependence on foreign oil, less need for coal plants, and a more affordable energy source worldwide….  

Plausibility of algae biofuel

– INTRODUCTION It is widely acknowledged that the current rate of fossil fuel consumption is not sustainable, and the depletion of crude oil and petroleum fuels has created strong interest in finding alternative means of producing energy. In developed nations, the average lifestyle is desperately dependent on increasingly limited resources. People can wait until relying on fossil fuels is critically inhibitive and be forced to transition for survival, or they can choose to adapt now since it is only a matter of time….  

The Role of the Management Consultant

– Introduction The review set out to discuss the statement “It is the consultant’s responsibility to facilitate client decision-making, not change the decisions the client would have made anyway” (Wickham and Wickham 2008). To do so, the review firstly outlines the client- consultant relationship and the consultant’s responsibility and role once they are hired, in light of the work of prominent authors like Appelbaum (2004), Calvert (2005) and O’Mahoney (2010). Then, the review analyses the client’s decision-making processes and consultant’s role in it, with help of authors like Wickham and Wickham (2008), Schein (1997) and Turner (1982)….  

Brazil’s Natural Resource Management

– Brazil’s water usage can be divided into three main areas: industrial, domestic, and agriculture. Agriculture is the main facet in Brazil’s economy which makes water their biggest concern. Brazil has three main water basins: Amazons, Tocantins and Sao Francisco. They also have two other basin systems which comprise many smaller basins. The Amazon River basin is very important; being one of the biggest rivers in the world, its huge output accounts for over half of Brazil’s “Drainage Basin.” Surface water is not Brazil’s only abundance in water; subsurface water is also widely available in Brazil…. ;

Effective Natural Resource Management

– Effective natural resource management has increasingly become important as human interaction and destruction of resource use rises. I will examine two types of natural resource models currently used in today’s world. The two types of systems are International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) and integrated adaptive management (IAM). After a comparing and contrasting the two resource models, I will provide a real world example that can use the two management systems…. ;