Musician Essay

Musician Essay

Musician’s Dystonia or Focal Hand Dystonia

– Musician’s dystonia, or Focal Hand Dystonia, is a condition that is just barely understood by today’s medical field. The cause is unsure and treatment thus far has only proved temporary. So what causes Focal Dystonia. How did the condition earn the title of “musician’s cramp” and how can it be cured or prevented. Most excessive motor training affects the musculoskeletal system, but, somehow, this injury takes place in the brain. First, what is Musician’s Dystonia. Otherwise known as Focal Hand Dystonia, musician’s cramp, or “the yips”, it is a complex movement ailment that is characterized by involuntary contractions of certain muscles or muscle groups…. ;

A Career as a Musician

– The process of choosing a career is, many times, a difficult decision. Many factors must be taken into account while deciding a career. Such factors usually include pay, work environment, and most importantly, what the person is interested in. Becoming a musician would be a highly fulfilling career for the reasons of broadening one’s musical abilities, people enjoying something that an individual made, and traveling the country, possibly even the world, for musical opportunities such as teaching, performing, and writing…. ;

The Musician

– The Musician There are many styles of music and many various ways in which to enjoy them. This is only rivaled by the number of people on the planet that have invented them. Through out history the various evolutions of traditions have used music as part of their cultures, ceremonies, and religions. However, one thing has always been unique to all of these things – the musicians themselves – the ones making the music. These unsung misfits have endured time and are the common thread throughout history that has taken the time to ponder this wonderful realm…. ;

What Drugs Mean to a Musician

– … These artists talk about how they get high and how they escape from the world, to deal with the pain and boredom associated with everyday life. Although they don’t present the prettiest part of what it means to be human they are able to express the raw need of all people to get away from what is around them. Whether its drugs or a hobby most people have something that they use to escape from the troubles of daily life. Brandy Clark is a somewhat well-known country singer and song writer. She has written for many other well-known artists and is able to express deep issues through her lyrics…. ;

Elizabethan Era Music and Musician

– … Her music was more important to everyone because it was different and from the heart. During this generation that we live in now music has its own form of style. Even though, Elizabethan era music was additionally extraordinary it will never be like the music that is created today. Elizabethan is a magnificent artist and also a great teacher with her diversity in music and talent in musical instruments she will forever be remember across the world. From years ago until now people try to learn from the best of thoses that have stood out over the years…. ;