Museum curator Essay

Museum curator Essay

What It Takes to be a Museum Curator

– Nature of the Work Being a museum curator involves time, dedication, and good management skills. A museum curator is responsible for items in a museum that belong to the museum or are being borrowed. They decide when an object is sold/,lent, exchanged, or bought. Aside from managing objects and displays, curators are also in charge of planning public outreach events and programs, such as lectures or tours at the museum. They are also in charge of arranging workshops and classes, finding and hiring interpreters or translators, collecting and keeping track of important documents, writing articles for websites or newspapers, budget managing and planning, training new staff members, and many o…  

If I Was a Curator at the United States Holocaust Museum

– The holocaust was a time of misery and sorrow for Jewish people around the world. The Nazi Party Took over Germany and brutally enforced their power on the Jews, eventually killing about six million of them. The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum respectfully encompasses many aspects of the holocaust, paying tribute to all the lives lost that should never be forgotten. That being said, there are some things they could add. If I was a curator at the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum, I would like to see an exhibit on famous Jewish people that did not survive the holocaust….  

Choosing Museum Exhibits

– All across the world there are hundreds of museums filled with history, information, exhibits, and famous documents. A variety of museums display artifacts of a mix of several cultures, historical events, famous people, and art work in the entire museum. Rather than having several different attractions, some museums are dedicated to showcasing exhibits based on a specific topic of history or interest. Therefore, museums with the purpose of educating people of a certain topic should only display artifacts, pictures, documents, and other such attractions germane to the museum’s theme of interest….  

Performativity of an Ifa Divination Tray in a Western Museum

– Fowler’s Museum curator of African arts, Gemma Rodriguez, examines a selection of African divination objects in Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives (2010b). The exhibit includes a 19th century Opon Ifa, or Ifa divination tray; a pair of Madebele Senufo divination figurines; and a 19th century Kashekesheke divining instrument from the Congo. The museum considers the exhibition of these objects as a “close study of works that reveals the diversity of African cosmological systems and differing concepts of fate, destiny, and causality” (Rodriguez, 2010a)….  

My Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

– The three Halls that I visited at the American Museum of Natural History were: Halls of the Pacific Peoples, Northwest Coast Indians and Asian peoples. All of these Halls were distinctly different from each other, although I enjoyed viewing all three, my favorite Hall was that of Asian Peoples. Of special interest was the Hall of Northwest Coast Indians, since I was able to witness and play in my head, a reel of the transformations it has gone through since the time of Franz Boas, as described in an article “A Magic Place”….