Mineralogist Essay

Mineralogist Essay

What Are Zeolites?

– … These basic building units are known as primary building units, PBUs and are [SiO4]-4 and [AlO4]-5 tetrahedra. They are responsible for forming the foundation of a complex zeolite framework. A primary building unit that consists of T=Si is shown as, [SiO4]-4. This is known as a completely siliceous structure. Silicon is a group four element, and oxygen is a group six element, thus are able to form four covalent bonds and two covalent bonds respectively to satisfy the octet rule. However, Si can only provide one electron to each oxygen atom; therefore, each oxygen atom occupies a formal negative charge which accumulate to form an overall -4 negative charge for each tetrahedral unit compos…  

Biography and Works of Henry Louis Le Chatelier

– … Beneath the direction of the French mineralogist Ernest-Francois Mallard, Le Chatelier conducted experiments on explosive materials and published his first works of scientific research on the issues he studied. These studies led him to developments in measuring high temperatures, based on the thermocouple principle (Lette). During this time, Le Chatelier perfected the coupling of pure platinum with a platinum-rhodium alloy that gave rise to the thermoelectric pyrometer, known as the “Le Chatelier.” He also adapted an optic pyrometer for industrial use….  

Thorium: The Best Alternative Energy

– The world is slowly running out of fossil fuels, and the transition to cleaner natural sources of energy is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Over the last couple of decades the price of oil has almost quadrupled, and the reserves are disappearing almost as fast as it can be produced. As well as, natural gas has become increasingly more expensive to produce and manufacture. On the other hand, wind and solar power energy can produce enough energy but the infrastructures cannot support this type of energy conversion….  

The Unique Characteristics of Rubies

– … Specific Gravity Specific Gravity in an element is As for a specific gravity, rubies have an average of about 3.97 to 4.05, making it a heavy stone according to a “Specific Gravity Chart” (GemSelect.com). Color Rubies are well known for their vibrant color, making them great for jewelry. Again, they are not necessarily always red as they are usually thought as, but can be a very light pink, red purple, red orange, and red brown as well. Their value changes with this color, Brighter red rubies appearing more attractive, putting them more in demand in relation to brownish red rubies, which demand lower prices due to their relative attractiveness….  

History of Thorium

– History of thorium Thorium is naturally a radioactive chemical element, which was discovered in 1828 from the Norwegian mineralogist Morten Thrane Esmark, and named Thor from Jons Jakob Bezelius, which means the “Norse God of Thunder.” Thorium is the most abundant metal found in earth crust and had been scattered million years ago in the galaxy, with the explosion of meteors known as supernova. Thorium generates radioactive gas products, as radon-20 decay. Other decay by-products of thorium are radium and actinium….