Mine control room operator Essay

Mine control room operator Essay

Taking a look at Mine Waste

– … Instability of the structures has caused increased concern by the mine operators and the government regulators because of impacts on the environment and risk to the safety of personnel, equipment and infrastructure. The volumes of mine waste produced depends mainly on the geologic characteristics of an ore body, the type of mining (underground or open pit), and the nature of ore extracted as well as the size of the mining operation. Because of the generation of this huge volume of waste material the management and handling of which has a critical impact on the mining activities….  

Control Room by Jehane Noujaim

– … People were anxious and scared because they never knew when the bomb was going to explode. The results showed after the bombing was touching. Kids and adults were all dead on the ground, filed next to each other. US had officially taken over their country and one by one people were suffering. The set of footage features images of war and its consequences. The footage of featured images capture during the play was very emotional and heartbreaking. The film shows examples of the angry protect against the US, pleas of mercy by Iraqi Civilians victims of the bombing, and most importantly, the death of Tarek Ayoub, a news reporter from AlJazeera, brought many people to form a protest….  

Equipment Inside an Operating Room

– The operating room, sometimes called the OR, is where surgery happens in a hospital. Having surgery can be called having an operation. One kind of surgery is having tubes put in the eardrums to prevent infection in your ears and improve hearing. Someone who gets tonsillitis might need a tonsillectomy. This is when the tonsils are taken out so that you don’t get a infection in your tonsils. This kind of surgery is scheduled ahead of time so you know when to go to the hospital. Surgery might need to be done as soon as possible if someone has something that can’t be fixed with a cast or right away….  

Mine in Chile Suffered a Cave-In on August 2010

– On August 5, 2010 the San Jose mine, a small copper operation in northern Chile owned by Minera San Esteban Primera, suffered a cave-in leaving 33 workers trapped underground at a depth of 300 meters. The following Saturday a second cave-in forced rescuers to suspend works for several hours. Some brief background on the accident. It was revealed that accidents in major mines are rare, but local organizations, such as the federation of Chilean mining workers (FMC) and the confederation of copper workers (CTC) questioned Minera San Esteban’s safety record, where several fatal accidents were previously reported at the small company…. ;

A Room of One’s Own, by Virignia Woolf

– In A Room of One’s Own, Virignia Woolf presents her views evenly and without a readily apparent suggestion of emotion. She treads softly over topics that were considered controversial in order to be taken seriously as an author, woman, and intellectual. Woolf ensures this by the use of humor, rationalization, and finally, through the art of diversion and deflection. By doing this Woolf is able to not alienate her audience but instead create a diplomatic atmosphere, as opposed to one of hostility that would assuredly separate the opinions of much of her audience….