Midwifery professional Essay

Midwifery professional Essay

Health Pathway Case Study

– This paper discusses the unsatisfactory professional conduct displayed by the Clinical Specialist nurse (CNS) in the provided case study. There are four main points of conduct that need to be discussed firstly the lack of an appropriate assessment of the patient’s condition being undertaken. Secondly the obvious lack of appropriate documentation that was recorded during and after the consultation. Thirdly the fact the medical officer (MO) was never informed nor did any requests be made for the doctor to examine the patient….  

Midwifery and their Patients

– One of the fundamental principles of midwifery is the relationship that is developed and nurtured between a midwife and the woman she is caring for (Guilliland & Pairman, 2010; Kirkman, 2010; Pairman, 2006 cited in Leap & Pairman, 2010). This relationship is one of partnership. By ‘being with’ and supporting each woman’s independence in autonomy throughout her pregnancy and birth the potential is created for the woman to be empowered and enriched so that she feels confident and self-assured in her abilities as a woman and as a mother (Guilliland & Pairman, 1995; McCourt & Stevens, 2005; Siddiqui 1991; Katz Rothman, 1991 cited in Leap & Pairman, 2010)….  

Mentoring in the Nursing and Midwifery Professions

– Before commencing on the course I felt I had a thorough knowledge of mentorship and assessing professional practice. I had in the past successfully undertaken a programme of study at State University, gaining a Certificate in Education in post compulsory education. I had previously mentored numerous pre-registration student nurses and also spent time as a clinical practice teacher for specialist practitioner students undertaking the public health degree pathway to becoming Health Visitors. I was not sure whether I would learn anything new on this programme, so looked at the opportunity as a way of refreshing and updating my existing knowledge….  

The Effect of The Code of Ethics on the Practice of Midwifery

– … Singletary 2 Hence, playing the role of an empowerment leader in maternity care. Midwives approach woman’s health care with science and evidence. They can offer care past maternity for example general woman’s care from teenage years throughout adulthood even to old age. The midwife also has an important task educating the mother, but also the family and community, usually about post-birth care but also reproductive health. Introspectively, future midwives must possess certain values. Midwives must see a woman as a unique individual….  

Models of Maternity Care: Private Obstetrician Care

– … Brown M & Dietsch 2013 states that continuity of care allows women to build up a relationship with the same care provider during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. The study of Brown M & Dietsch 2013 demonstrates that 94% of women receiving caseload care had met the midwife prior to labour. In addition, 98% reported that they felt confident that their midwife would be present at all antenatal appointments. Furthermore, Brown M & Dietsch E 2013 states that since 1992, over 50% of Australia’s rural maternity unit have closed….