Metal finishing plating or coating machine operator Essay

Metal finishing plating or coating machine operator Essay

Anti-Finger Smudge Coating

– Introduction Our design project is over anti-finger smudge technology. This technology has been a major subject of research with the advent of hand-held, touch screen devices such as phones and tablets. Anyone who has held a mobile phone or handheld game knows that in a short period of time, the glass display becomes visibly dirty without anti-smudge coatings. Unwanted finger print smudges on touch screen surfaces significantly reduces the performance and utility of the device, as well as the quality of the image and the enjoyment of the user….  

Finishing Hardwood Floors

– … Choosing the right sandpaper is a very important thing to do, because coarse grits will scratch the hardwood leaving some marks that will be noticeable. Fine grits are better when you want to have the best finishing on a hardwood flooring, although it will require additional work. For better results, start by using the coarse sandpaper, to level the floor and continue to polish the surface using finer sandpaper. Hardwood Flooring Sanding Procedures Follow these guidelines that will assure a superior hardwood finishing: Start the first cut with coarse or medium sandpaper, ending with a fine abrasive….  

Chromium Plating Research Paper

– … Originally, the purpose of electroplating was to improve the appearance of a surface, however now it is primarily used to alter the surface properties of the starting material to match those of the metal being electroplated, such as good corrosion resistance and hardness [12]. The overall process of electroplating is based around an electrolytic cell, consisting of an anode, cathode, electrolyte solution and an external electrical current (Figure 1). Figure 1. Diagram taken from A.C. Tan, Tin and Solder Plating in the Semiconductor Industry, 1993….  

The Surface Coating Field

– … Although wear has been extensively studied scientifically, still wear problems persist in industrial applications. This actually reveals the complexity of the wear phenomenon [8]. The factors affecting wear are [9]. • Factors related to material properties, e.g., hardness, toughness, microstructure and chemical composition • Factors connected with operating conditions, e.g., contacting surfaces, contact pressure, relative velocity, operating temperature, and surface finish • Environmental conditions There are quite a few terms to describe various wear modes; however, these modes can be clubbed into four principal categories [10] 1….  

Stripping and Re-Finishing a Tile Floor

– Abstract This is a systematic paper on how to strip and re-finish tile floors. Caring for tile floors is not as simple as sweeping and mopping. They must be stripped and refinished every six months to ensure it remains looking its best. The steps include preparation of the supplies. Then there is the preparation of the floor. The next step is stripping the floor. The next step is laying the sealer and finally laying the finish. By following these instructions, the floor will look newer, longer, and with a high gloss shine….