Medical practitioner all other specialists Essay

Medical practitioner all other specialists Essay

Health Systems in the United Kingdom, New Zeland, and the United States

– … 2012). The New Zealand healthcare system is run by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the overarching organisation which oversees the entire health and disability system and advises the government on important health related issues. From this organisation, District Health Boards (DHBs) branch off and they are responsible for the organisation of healthcare for a specific area in the overall population. Like the UK, the NZ healthcare system also follows the Regionalised model where the movement of patients through the different levels of care is very structured and the primary level of care is usually the first point of contact within the health system for patients….  

The Role and Scope of Practice of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

– Introduction – identifying the role and job description setting of the PMHNP The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), role and job description is providing primary mental health care services, to those with mental health problems, or psychiatric disorders. The PMHNP is required to assess, diagnose, provide treatment plans, prescribe medication therapy, and offer counsel across the lifespan. The PMHNP provides care in a wide range of settings to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and their families….  

Whistleblowing in The Medical Community

– Bouville (2008) describes whistleblowing as an act for an employee of revealing what he believes to be unethical or described as an illegal behaviour to a higher management (internal whistleblowing) or to an external authority or the public (external whistleblowing). Whistle-blowers are often seen as traitors to an organisation as they are considered to have violated the loyalty terms of that organisation while some are described as heroes that defend the values and ethics of humanity rather than loyalty to their company….  

Medieval Medical Market Place

– The control of the medical market in medieval Europe, specifically in Britain and France was under little authority, unlike in neighboring regions like Italy and Germany. With little control, services were offered to the population by “specialists” whether or not they had a license or some examined degree of competency, and with a medical market place with an increasingly high demand, supply was erupting from different sources to meet different demands for different illnesses for varying demographics creating some key players in the medical market place….  

Unnecessary Medical Expenses

– Introduction The United States uses nearly $9,000 per capita on healthcare expenditures, which is significantly more than all other countries. Why do we spend so much more when our quality doesn’t even compete. Several medical examinations and procedures performed on patients are completely unnecessary. For example, some women have a specific date to which they would like to give birth, so they will request an early elective delivery. An early elective delivery is labor that is induced between 37 and 39 weeks of pregnancy, and is also induced without any legitimate medical need….