Medical laboratory assistant Essay

Medical laboratory assistant Essay

Medical Assistant vs Licensed Practical Nurse

– The medical field is one of the fastest occupations in the world. Medical Assistants and LPNs have different roles and responsibilities. You will get a better understanding about each occupation position in the medical field. Understand the difference between the two is not as difficult as it seems. The difference between the two is Medical Assistants handles basic clinical tasks. They are responsible for medical records, book-keeping, and answering call. Most Medical Assistants help Doctors examine and treat patients….  

Medical Ethics in Drug Trials

– Medical Ethics in Drug Trials Thousands of people voluntarily enroll in clinical drug trials every year. They are putting their health and safety at risk by participating in a drug trial. One would think they would be doing this to promote medical advancement, but in all actuality, it is for the high dollar amounts they receive for compensation. People that frequently enroll in drug trials are often called “guinea pigs.” The monetary amount people are paid can go as high seventy-five hundred dollars….  

Laboratory Cooperation Specimen Information Systems

– Information is a key component, which is virtual source in all aspects of business. Information helps create a well balance between analytics, business information, customers, vendors, and sales. Without proper use of information, businesses may struggle to understand components of their business, such as monitoring information, validated decision making, performance measuring, and the ability to identify new business opportunities. In this text, there will dialogue on how a Laboratory Corporation of America, also known as LabCorp, uses each one of these functions, to ensure better business practices, and proper regulatory control of the business components, that make this business strive….  

Professional Collaboration

– Medical Assistants (MA) comes in contact with almost everyone inside the medical off and has to have communications with a lot of different professional people. Medical Assistant’s main responsibility is to provide the patient with the best care possible. Medical Assistants is responsible for office work, to laboratory testing, vital signs, assisting the physician, and much more. One of the first profession person that comes in contact a lot with a Medical Assistant (MA) would be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)….  

Comparing Physician Assistants to Nurse Practitioners

– There are many occupations in the medical field that can go in many various directions. Have you ever wondered how the occupations are all similar, besides the fact that it is the medical field. Vorvick and Zieve say “more women than men have found an interest in the medical field for physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Fifty-eight is the average percent of women PA’s in the medical field.” The two occupations: physician assistant and nurse practitioner are similar with the education needed, the specialties, and the work environment….