Mechanical engineer Essay

Mechanical engineer Essay

Important Characteristics of a Mechanical Engineer

– Like all engineering jobs, mechanical engineers have a specialized set of skills that are beneficial to them in their work. If one does not possess these characteristics, it does not necessarily mean that they can never be an engineer; rather, this is a sign that mechanical engineering might be a difficult career for them to go into. After all, no one is perfect, and most engineers do not possess all of these skills. That which one does not know, one can learn, as most mechanical engineers do. Furthermore, the perseverance it takes to acquire those skills is already a step in the right direction….  

Mechanical Engineer Career

– In four months I will be done with high school, and the time has come for me to go to college and learn a career. The career that I plan on choosing is a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer is a very broad career path with many jobs available. “These jobs can range from someone designing parts for space shuttles, buildings, computers, cars, and various other important mechanical parts that are necessary for today’s society” ( . The part of mechanical engineering that I want to go into is the design of automotive engines….  

Personal Statement on Mechanical Engineer

– … One example I read about was how scientists studied termite dens, and used a similar construction technique when building the Eastgate building in Zimbabwe, manipulating the passing air currents so that it uses 90 percent less energy to heat and cool than traditional buildings. This research tied in with my study of thermodynamics in Physics and has given me a great interest in the topic. I know that I would enjoy studying it in greater depth at university. Working with mathematical problems in A-level Mathematics and Physics has vastly improved my problem solving skills, whilst studying A-level Biology has allowed me to develop my ability to analyse graphs quickly and summarise informat…  

State of Purpose: Mechanical Engineer

– … When I went to Maker Faire KC in 2011 and saw all the amazing inventions, I was in heaven, but the device l was most interested in and decided I must have was a 3D printer. 3D printing is like Legos, you can build anything you think of in plastic, but unlike Legos, everything is strong and just the shape you want it to be. When I first saw 3D printers at Maker Faire they were still using hot glue guns, (a primitive method in 3D printing), so everything came out looking like it was a large blob made of cobwebs, but they were still very impressive to me….  

Personal Statement: Why I Want to Be a Mechanical Engineer

– … I performed hardness measurements, tensile testing, impact testing and stress analysis measurements. This is by far one of the best experiences of my life. I did experience a REAL industrial training and strategies. In 2013 summer, I worked in Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDL-Govt of India) for a period of one month. I was one among a team of four and our job was to design two test fixtures for the Composite Rocket Motor Casing (CRMC) of an A-4 ballistic missile, manually using several techniques and later testing of it under experimental conditions of tensile and compressive loads….