Materials engineer Essay

Materials engineer Essay

Exploring a Career as a Mechancial Engineer

– Did you know there are thousands of jobs for a mechanical engineer, and the career will be unhurt by the struggling of the economy. There are many tasks a mechanical engineer is faced with on a daily basis. A mechanical engineer must have several qualities to make the work enjoyable for themselves and others. A mechanical engineer must be well qualified in their education to receive a job, as it is a broad industry. With having a job or career as a mechanical engineer you rarely have to worry if your job is going to exist the next day, or if your pay is going to get cut; a mechanical engineer is needed everywhere….  

Essential Characteristics of an Engineer

– … So we should work hard at our positions. From taking part in Orientation session till now, I have studied for nearly three months. It seems like just yesterday that I left my home. However, with my completion of this semester, I have gained and developed three important traits for engineers. In this semester, I take every lecture, tutorial, field work and group meeting on time. One month ago, we are required to exhibit a garage in the city centre. The content includes many aspects like the observation of beam, column and slab within limited time, so I previewed the relative knowledge and calculated the time I would use for each part before one day….  

Bio Materials for Medical Purposes

– … By the development of technology, it becomes Good to ask, that can we have or design such a system that will response to environmental changes automatically and their structure should assess their needs. So these smart structures and materials have a very good effect on our life in order to make it easy in many fields like electronics robotics medicines. Those materials which respond to environment change with specific changes in their nature are called smart materials that are why they are also named as responsive materials….  

A Little History Behind Photonic Band Gap Materials

– Photonic Band Gap Materials: ? A little history behind Photonic Band Gap materials (PBG). In 1987, an American physicist and engineer named Eli Yablonovitch and Canadian physics professor from the University of Toronto Canada, Sajeev John constructed artificial structures that then became the concept of PBG material. In order to evaluate this concept they created a 3D prototype diamond lattice in Plexiglas, which is a type of acrylic glass material. With this creation they were able to prove that PBG materials are capable of propagating electromagnetic waves….  

Nanoindenter: Securing the Mechanical Characteristics of Materials at Nano-scale

– Nanoindenter Introduction:- Nanoindenter is basically used for securing the mechanical characteristics or properties at micro or nano-scale with the help of powerful technology known as Nanoindentation which is utilized for securing the parameters of material for example hardness, elastic modulus, viscous or plastic parameters with the help of experimental readings of penetration depth and indenter load. It must be note down that forces, those are involved, are normally in the range of micro newton or mili newton and depth will also be in the range of nanometers….