Marine electrician Essay

Marine electrician Essay

Electricians: Work Requirements and Job Options

– Is my career ending, continuing or beginning. The verdict is near, and unfortunately the decision will not be up to me. This is my last chance for promotion in the Navy, more specifically; if I do not advance I will have nine months left to serve. I have been an electrician in the Navy, what field or occupation should I look at next. Nikola Tesla once said “We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them” (648). But do we really become indifferent. Should I stay in the electrical field or start down a new career path, and see where it takes me….  

Marine Pollution: Causes and Solutions

– As the world develops and the human population grows there is more pollution being dumped into the oceans, causing major problems to marine life and ecosystems. Major causes of marine pollution involve non-point pollutants, marine garbage, toxic ocean pollutants and sewage disposal in oceans. From heavy metal poisoning including lead and mercury killing predators such as sharks and whales, to waste getting trapped in the digestive tracts of marine animals, this essay focuses on how human interference causes horrifying problems to the marine life, but also how to fix it….  

Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Degradation

– The ocean still remains as one of the important natural resource capital of many nations. The numerous benefits (food, climate regulation, nutrients recycling, etc) particularly the quality of life derived from marine and coastal areas have raised global concern for the adoption of sustainable strategies that will ensure the existence of marine and coastal areas in its natural state with less impact caused by externalities. The natural structure and function of coastal marine ecosystems are faced with a lot of environmental and ecological challenges….  

If You Are Interested in Marine Biology

– … When becoming a marine biologist you don’t necessarily need to major in marine biology. A bachelors degree requires four years of college, a masters degree requires about six years of training, a phd requires about eight to ten years depending on which career you choose to study. Marine biologist usually reach for their phd, because that makes for a successful career. Marine biology have decent pay depending on the work position you hold. Usually the marine biologist that have their phd get better pay than the positions with the masters or bachelors….  

Echolocation in Marine Biology

– … Without proper communication, a dolphins feeding would be unsynchronised mayhem. dolphin communication makes feeding efficient as well as extremely easy for individuals to properly survive in their environment. Dolphins, and whales for example produce this sound by squeezing air through passages of the nasal cavity and out of an organ beneath their blowhole called the ‘melon. ’ When marine mammals send sound out these sounds, they rely on the speed of sound and an objects mass for the waves to bounce off of and return to the original individual from which the sound was transmitted….