Manager oil or gas company Essay

Manager oil or gas company Essay

Oil and Gas Industry: Suppliers Selection

– GENERALITIES OF THE STUDY Over the last decade, the supply chain management has influence to business all over the globe. Purchasing is one function within supply chain which becomes the most important element to establish value-added products or services. The major aspect of purchasing is supplier selection. It is recognized that selecting appropriate supplier is one of the key success factors of a firm. Selecting the right supplier is always a difficult task for purchasing manager (Liu et al., 2005)….  

Overview of Orpic: An Oil Company in Oman

– … 2- Title of the project: Orpic oil and petroleum refineries project. 2.1 -Project scope: include of engineering services for maintenance and expansion projects in Orpic’s refineries and petrochemical plants in Sohar and Muscat. 2.2 –Time Management Plan: Time management include planning, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing. 2.3 -Matrix chart Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Sam Gasoline Plastic Diesel Paints Methanol John Diesel Oil Refinery Lubricants Gas Perfumes Ali Tar Methanol Motor oils Plastic Tar 2.4- Gantt Chart Total time taken to complete the project 5 months….  

PETRONAS: A Malaysian Oil Company Annual Report Review

– PETRONAS INTRODUCTION 1.0) About PETRONAS PETRONAS is Malaysia’s very own national oil company. It was incorporated on 17 August 1974. PETRONAS has complete ownership and control of the petroleum resources in Malaysia. PETRONAS has grown throughout the years from being just the manager and regulator of the country’s upstream sector to a completely incorporated oil and gas corporation. It is also ranked as one of the biggest corporations in the world among the FORTUNE Global 500®. The management of the country’s oil and gas resources is the responsibility of PETRONAS….  

Baker Hughes: A Large Company in Oil Services and Industry

– … Baker Hughes has its large vertical structure with emphasizing the importance of horizontal integration between the departments to achieve maximum efficiency. it has spent the last few years enhancing internal integration while strengthening the ties with its customers and suppliers. This is helping the company improve supply chain effectiveness and contributing to overall growth of the company. Since centralization is one of the characteristics of the vertical structure, the CEO Martin Craighead, worked to back an initiative to centralize measures and practices in the supply chain and procurement areas of the company….  

What’s in it for Chevron and Oil Drilling?

– … Chevron – An oil giant Chevron Corporation is headquartered in San Ramon, California and has a presence in more than 180 countries worldwide. Its core business is energy and it focuses on oil, gas and geothermal forms of energy. It is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Financial figures as of 2012 are as follows; revenue was USD 241.909 Billion, operating income of USD 46.332 Billion, net income of USD 26.179 Billion, total assets of USD 232.982 Billion and equity of USD 137.832 Billion…. ;